Campus Community excitment for Tartuffe

By Glen Conway

Tartuffe raising community college spirit and unity.

The play Tartuffe will open on Thursday April 18 at eight at night. The show will continue to run through Sunday 28. It is a play performed by students for the students. Tickets are free to students if you show your student ID card at the ticket window before the show. As the price of the ticket as well as many other costs are included in the student activity fee charged by the college. Additional information about tickets and availability can be found out either at the ticket office in Ammerman’s Shea Theater located within the Islip Arts building or by calling their phone number at 631-451-4163.While the play is free for students it will cost faculty and staff $11. Additional student tickets cost $10. For any other person wishing to see the play should call the box office.
The play is a French classic with many different variations and spins. The theater department is putting their own little spin on the play to make it that much more enjoyable. Tartuffe means “imposter” in French giving the play a comedic yet serious spin to it. After speaking with a few of the actors in the play for the previous article I learned how seriously they are taking the play and how proud they are of it. A lot of excitement can be seen throughout the cast. “It is going to be an awesome play but no I am not expecting it to sell out” said Danny Bua a theater major and one of the stars of the show. He also commented on how excited he is to perform the play in front of a live audience.
A play is something that can bring everyone together. On a community college campus events like these are rare since most students commute. Professor Eriksson of the English department is even going as far to offer extra credit to those who attend the play. He has been pushing for students to go see the play since the beginning of the semester. “The play brings a sense of community to Suffolk and a play acted by students is something that can bring everyone together” said Eriksson during one of his magical realism classes. He further pushed to say how important it is to bring a sense of unity to the campus. Eriksson also expressed his concern for students lack of attention to events going on around the Ammerman campus. As well as his concern about students lack of interest in various campus activities. Eriksson feels students watching a play put on by students is vital to their growth in culture.
After his announcement about the play there was a flurry of students asking all about the play. “Where is the play?” and “Does it cost me anything?” were common questions asked in the classroom. Students across the room muttered about not even hearing about the play or not knowing it was free to the student body. One of the girls even went as far to say that she didn’t know Ammerman campus had a theater in the Islip Arts building or a theater department at all. However after the professor mentioned extra credit the majority of the class said they would attend the play. “I was planning on going anyway but for extra credit I will definitely go” said one of the girls in the class.
However not all students were as enthusiastic. “Personally, I have to work and I have to come to school at early hours.” said Ariel Ransom, an aspiring fashion writer. She further explained how due to her job she has limited free time and does not want to spend it back on campus. “I’m always busy. But when I do have time I like to relax off campus” said Ransom. Which is understandable considering many students work as well as go to school. After giggling she said how the play was a nice idea but she just doesn’t have the time for it. Not everyone wants to come back after a long day at work to go see a school play. Yet she also commented on how a school play is a nice idea. As well as how a free play is good for the community.
The play opens tomorrow on Thursday, April 17. The play will be running for two weeks. If you want to reserve a spot its best to do it at least one day in advance. Each student gets a free ticket for themselves.

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