Parking renovation plans

By Sarah Casey-Auld
The ongoing issue of parking has baffled students on the Ammerman campus. Through persistent questioning and endless researching the many questions that hover the subject of parking has been found.
It is to nobody’s surprise that many students receive unwanted tickets every semester due to inconvenient parking spaces. Before speaking with the Director of Fire and Public Safety Baycan Fideli, it was assumed through an educated summarization of previous information that there has been $57,000 unaccounted for since January received by student parking tickets. “On average, approximately 4,000 tickets are issued during the fall or spring semesters” stated Fideli. Combining this new information with previously gained information that claims tickets run from “one-hundred to one-hundred and twenty-five dollars”, said Captain Tracy from the Public Safeties office. It is easy to see that there is around $460,000 collected from student parking violations alone. The overall sum of money that is collected from students has been acquired yet the question of where it goes is still up in the air. The honesty about the amount of tickets issued during the fall or spring semester from Fidel was refreshing although he did not directly state that the student ticket money was going towards improving parking.
The information gained by Fideli was an accomplishment because he continued on in an e-mail. In the e-mail Fideli goes on to express future plans for renovating the parking at the Ammerman campus.”Funding for the project construction phase has been included in …Andrew Cuomo’s proposed 2013-2014 Executive budget” said Fideli. The total cost of the 2013-2014 summer renovations is approximately three point two million. Although this statement does not directly address the question as to what student parking ticket money is being funded towards it does lead into the fact that there is hope to fixing the parking situation. The funding from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Budget will cover “[reconfiguration] and expand existing parking fields to increase capacity and improve vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow…[and] the cost of grading, drainage, lighting, curbing, asphalt and striping” said Fideli while explaining the goals for the 2013-2014 renovation plans. The renovations proposed are assumed to add around 500 more parking spaces increasing the total over thirteen percent. These renovations are supposed to decrease uneasy parking situations such as dead ends, tight maneuvering and improve sight distances. If “funding remains allocate” as stated by Fideli, renovations will progress as planned.
With this newfound information, students commented on how they would change parking if they had the chance. Throughout the campus students believe that many positive changes can be made to decrease accidents. Christine Scherger is a freshman at the college and had some ideas of her own to share. “I get here 15 minutes early just to find a spot before class so I don’t have to walk too far and whenever I’m pulling out of the lot by the South Hampton building I think I’m going to get hit” stated Scherger when inquired about the colleges parking and driving situation. While renovating it would be wise to not make the bends as sharp. Whenever students are pulling out it is difficult to see and although the speed limit is 15 miles per hour, yet no one obeys the speed limit and students fly around the sharp corners without hesitation. Besides the dangerous bends within the campus, another concern of students is hit and runs. Joe Zerelli witnessed actually the opposite. Joe was waiting in his car for his next class when he saw a woman hit a parked car. The woman proceeded to write a note claiming it was someone else with a description different to her own car, and remained parked next to the hit car and went to class. This type of behavior should not be tolerated and the only way to prevent such acts of deceit would be to put cameras in the parking lots. Through student perspectives new ideas can be formed to accommodate the majority. Scherger, and Zerelli have two valid points concerning parking, whether or not these problems will be fixed is unknown.
The students should be able to participate in their college activities, especially ones that greatly influence them. A portion of the three point two million should go to fixing problems that the students feel occur most frequently. Secondly the fact that the question of where the student parking tickets has not gone unnoticed, yet the e-mail was a step forward due to the amount of information received by Fideli. The renovations to come will undoubtedly increase parking space and other minor and major issues associated with parking.

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