Suffolk Atheletics Influenced by Rutgers Abuse Scandal

By Jonathan Delafuente

Rutgers Basketball Program latest allegations affect all NCAA athletics programs even at the Junior College Level.

Recent firing of Head Coach Mike Rice resignations of the Athletic Director Tim Pernetti and other members of the Basketball coaching staff has even the Suffolk Athletic Board in high alert on spotting aggressive and violent coaching techniques. Throughout the NCAA, all programs are now award of what is expected and what is tolerated in closed door practices. Student athletes must be treated like humans instead of performance artist.

On April 2, videos of Rutgers basketball practice show Coach Rice and assistant coaches violently pushing and throwing basketballs at the players. Homosexual slurs were also screamed by the coaches towards and targeting the players. Foul language intended to be motivational for the players; increasing the intensity of practice and they play in regular season games. Pernetti previously has suspended Rice for abusive actions against his players. He was suspended for three games without pay and was fined $50,000. The Rutgers Basketball staff has resigned on every position. It is said they is already several possible replacements for the job. Rutgers will be looked as a tainted program for years to come said and reported by Yahoo Sports and ESPN.

Starting Middle Fielder for the Suffolk Sharks, Kevin Parker has said “We are not allowed to say anything disrespectful to anyone. Players, coaches, friends, family, just avoid saying anything that might hurt someone’s feelings. We avoid using social media as well to prevent ourselves from getting into any altercations. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; they’re all pretty much off limit. All I have to do his keep my mouth shut and I can play.” Parker has been informed this information a couple practices ago. Punishment consist of loss of playing time, suspensions for certain amount of games, and severe case of getting removed off the team. “I have gotten kicked out of practice already because of cursing, it’s unfair but it happens.” said Parker. It is a discrimination free zone. This goes on for all sports in Suffolk Community College; all basketball teams, baseball teams, are expected to act in a mature manner through practice, games, and post games.

The Suffolk Lacrosse Team has had high expectations throughout the year. The team is well balanced with new incoming talent from all parts of Long Island. They are disciplined enough to play in the next level and talented enough to compete with any team in the NCAA. With the recent events in Rutgers, the lacrosse team has been impacted by it. Profanity and discriminatory terms are trying to be fully prohibited during practices to create a friendly less targeted play field. Players have been reported to get in trouble for saying homosexual slurs. No suspensions have been given out but it is not tolerated. Playing time will be cut for players that disobey the rule.

St. John’s University in Queens, New York also is prohibiting social media with their athletes. Sam Sealy, sophomore Center for the Red Storm Basketball Team said, “I’m not allowed on Twitter. If the coaches catch us, we can easily be kicked off the team. It too much work to be wasted just from one little thing.” Sealy is going to his junior year in St. John’s. He completely avoids social media outside the season as well to be extreme cautious. Rutgers and St. John’s are highly recruited schools for basketball and have been for many years. They have played in the Big East Conference but Rutgers has spent millions of dollars to move to the Big Ten Conference to make them a bigger marketed team. The Big East Conference is slowly decreasing. Several teams have already transferred conferences and it will take effect in the 2013 season.

Athletes are expected to act professional as they prepare to play for a higher level in the future. Players are highly recruited to Division I, Division II, or Division III schools from Junior College. They are looked as prospects for potential schools. Acts of disrespect and disobedience is not tolerated in any level and older players are looked as influences to the community. Rutgers has defined and opened the eyes of many from the acts of the coaching staffed. Beating, pushing, kicking, throwing balls at players should not be a source of encouragement and increases the intensity of the players. Players are getting full scholarships to programs where they expect to get a proper education and the fullest capacities to expressing their talents and basketball skills.

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