Slaves to the education system

By: Deandra Martucci


Lately, all I seem to do is question why are we paying for an education that we are going to spend the rest of our lives paying for? Growing up we are trained to live our lives believing that going to school will make us successful people, when in reality times are changing. Education isn’t everything anymore.

We are taught that getting good grades and excelling in school was to be top priority, but for what reason? Nowadays, no matter the grades or how hard you work in school nothing is promised to you at the end of it all. We were brought up in a “reality” to work forty hours a week, forty years or our life, and hope to retire on 40 percent of our income. Yet, in the new system of our economy, a career after gradation is questionable. Our economy right now is making it nearly impossible to afford going to school, and we continue to face the struggle of not being able to find a job after we have put so much effort and time in to earn a degree.

Statistics show in 2011, 54 percent of students are unemployed after graduating and 27 percent earn less then $25,000 a year with a degree. As a new generation, we need to open our eyes and realize there is over $950 billion in student loan debt. It’s frustrating and discouraging as young people to have the motivation and courage to keep going. We’re all striving to be successful and to be the best we can be. As humans we all have such high goals and aspirations.

Life is meaningless unless you are truly living it the way you want to. Money controls our lives, and without a high paying job we can’t live happily, comfortably, or do the things we enjoy. Trading time for money is the most inefficient way to make money due to only having a certain amount of time per day. Therefore, I believe that the standard way of living needs to be changed, but how do we break the cycle?

We are so used to being taught how to live based on our old system and that new ways of making money seem so unrealistic many people have doubts. In order to be successful we have to open our minds to new methods and new opportunities. It’ll seem risky at first but there is no other way to survive because our economy is not going to bounce back to how it used to be.

Recently, I was introduced to an amazing opportunity; it basically fell onto my lap because I wasn’t looking for anything at the moment. But I truly believe I found my window of success and my break in this cycle, this is called Social Network Marketing. Social Network Marketing is the business of the 21st century. It is revolutionizing business and how young people think. It teaches kids not only how to earn money but how to help other people change their lives. Social Network Marketing fits the new economy that we live in perfectly. Think about it. We all wake up and the first thing we do is check our cellphones. Our entire day is surrounded by social media, and it’s time we use these things to our advantage.

Our jobs are constantly being replaced by technology. For example, remember the company Blockbluster? We used to be able to go to a store and rent videos and games, but now people watch movies and play games through Netflix. All these things are provided to us through our tablets and cellphones. These jobs that Blockbuster provided to us got taken over by our technology. It happens every single day without us even realizing it. Young people need to realize that our economy isn’t bouncing back, it is changing dramatically. Essentially, Social Network Marketing is the window to our success; it just makes sense. Companies have options now; they can either hire a big number of staff to represent and sell their products the traditional way or they could simply use Network Marketing. The difference now is that these companies provide support and pay workers solely based on their performance. Workers within Social Network Marketing are no longer paid an hourly rate; it’s all based on how well you perform. It’ll be extremely efficient because in the New Economy that we live in, word-of-mouth advertising is continuing to work better than any other form of advertisement.

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