I Had a Ball: The Hogwarts Club Sure Knows How to Throw a Party

ostaraballBy Lamia Choudhury

The Hogwarts Club’s Ostara Ball was a huge success! Students from across all three campuses were present at the event and their responses were all positive. After the dedicated members of the Hogwarts Club spent all day setting up and decorating at the Eaton’s Neck Room located in the Babylon Student Center on the Ammerman Campus, the event started at promptly 6 o’clock. Attendees were encouraged to dress in a formal fashion and it appeared as though most of the guests received that memo. Regardless of how they were dressed, from ball gowns, to dress pants and to jeans, every guest left the event satisfied. Not one complaint was heard through the whole night.

Erin Ginley, the club’s treasurer said, “Everyone had a good time and you could really tell. The entire atmosphere is so positive. It really makes you feel like you belong.”

The members of the Hogwarts Club were only expecting about 40 people to show up at most but were pleasantly surprised to find that the guest count was nearly double what they had previously anticipated.

“People have been coming in and out all night,” said Kaitlyn Noss, the Hogwarts Club’s vice president, “I’d say there were about 70 people here tonight. We ran out of food probably about two hours into the whole thing. That’s pretty cool to know.”

“I really can’t believe how many people came,” said Rachel Day, one of the club’s most dedicated members, “it’s truly amazing. I’m really proud of how it turned out. We worked really hard on this and it looks like people really appreciate it.”

Attendees of the ball could be found chatting, eating, dancing and partaking in Harry Potter related trivia games. A photo booth was set up and students could take pictures of themselves wearing the Sorting Hat that was provided by one of the members of the club. Four large, round tables were set up for students attending the ball and decorated to represent the four houses of Hogwarts: green tablecloths and silver tinsel for Slytherin, red tablecloths and gold tinsel for Gryffindor, yellow tablecloths and black streamers for Hufflepuff and blue tablecloths and bronze confetti for Ravenclaw. Students were encouraged to sit with members of their respective houses but were obviously not bound to them like the students at Hogwarts were.

The members of the Hogwarts Club had invested large amounts of time and effort into the event and could finally relax at the ball. “If there’s anything I learned from this event, it’s that we need to start planning things better and earlier,” said Smeea Sajid, another one of the club’s dedicated and devoted members, “Obviously, everything turned out great and we’re all happy about that, but for the next ball, we’re going to run things on a stricter schedule. Some of us didn’t have our final ideas and contributions in until yesterday!”

The members of the Hogwarts Club shouldn’t be so hard on themselves for procrastinating a bit. That’s just being a college student though isn’t it?

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