SGA Wants to Know: Smoke Free Campus?

By:Alyson Feis

The Student Government Association at the Ammerman campus feuded about protecting non smokers on campus at last weeks meeting held in the Mildred Green room in the Babylon Student Center on Feb 27.  One member in attendance raised a concern for non smokers on campus and issued the idea of a smoke free campus.  However, other members challenged if the student population would appreciate their efforts.

Many people on campus are in fact smokers therefore it’s important to understand what changes both smokers and non smokers are willing to make to reach a compromise.

According to the Suffolk County Community College student handbook students are allowed to smoke cigarettes 50-feet away from buildings on campus. However some students pay no attention to the non-smokers the rule is set out to protect.  Members of the SGA agreed that if students protest a smoke free campus they will explore new ways to enforce this rule ensure a balance between smokers and non smokers on campus.

In all the SGA looks to find a happy medium between smokers and non-smokers on the Seldon campus.  The SGA would like students to get involved and share their opinions about smoking on campus to gain a better understanding  of what students truly want from their student government.  The SGA has provided a comment box outside their office located in the Babylon Student Center and encourages students to submit opinions and suggestions, especially regarding smoking on campus


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