Witches, Wizards and Warlocks: The Magical Hogwarts Club

hpbooksBy Lamia Choudhury

The Hogwarts Club at the Ammerman campus is an active one. Although, there are less than 10 full- time members, those who attend the club meetings help in organizing bake sales, movie nights and their most popular event, the Yule Ball. The Yule Ball is scheduled in December during the end of the Fall semester every year. This year in particular, the students operating the Hogwarts Club decided to plan a similar event for the Spring semester. Scheduled for April 28th, the Ostara Ball, named after the Spring Equinox, can be considered a creative way for students to de-stress and have a little fun right before taking those dreaded final exams. The members of the Hogwarts Club plan to make this Spring ball more formal than the Yule Ball usually is. Nicolette Gerbi says, “It’s going to be formal. We want it to be dressy.” Attendees of the ball are encouraged to wear attire fit for a sweet 16 or prom and Hogwarts robes are acceptable as well. The ball will be in the Eaton Neck Room located in the Babylon Student Center and will run from 6 P.M to 11 P.M. Erin Ginley, the club’s treasurer says, “We expect about 40 people.”

Members of the Hogwarts Club are also planning a movie night hoping to marathon all eight films; a total of over 19 hours! The members are in search of a student’s house where they can watch the movies together. If one cannot be found, they will choose just one movie to watch on campus.

The members of Hogwarts Club have big plans for the future. Kaitlyn Noss, the vice president of the club says, “We want to raise more money through bake sales so we can plan more events for the semester.” During bake sales, club members are assigned various baked goods they are each responsible to bring.

Noss has been a member of the club for two semesters and considers herself a proud Hufflepuff. Other members of the club have been sorted as well on Pottermore, the interactive website for Harry Potter fans all over the world, run by J.K. Rowling. Pottermore allows super- fans a behind the scenes look at the wizarding world and allows them the chance to be students at Hogwarts, get their own wands and read in- depth backstories about the characters in the series. Kavi Muneshwar, a freshman at SCCC was sorted into Ravenclaw. “Panda (the nickname of the club’s president) told me to join. I’m not a hardcore fan but this club is really inclusive,” he says.

Hulya Ozdemir, a new member of the club also believes the club is inclusive, saying the club welcomed her with open arms. “This club is amazing!” she says.

The Hogwarts Club offers members a safe and open environment to voice their opinion concerning all things Harry Potter related. For those who are interested, the Hogwarts Club meets in room 118 located on the main floor of the Southampton Building during common hour every Wednesday.

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