How to Dress for a Job Interview



To some fashion is nothing to be concerned about but to others, fashion is an extension of oneself. Those who are unconcerned with fashion generally don’t care what they put on their bodies whereas those who do care, spend a considerable amount  of time planning a specific outfit.

Believe it or not, there is a science in the way one dresses. From the color schemes to the fit of the clothing, what you where can tell a lot about the person in the clothing. In some scenarios, the outfit you wear could influence the way someone may approach or think of you. Job interviews and dates are perfect examples of this theory. This article breaks down the dos and don’ts of what to wear in different scenarios.

Job interviews are rather tricky. Here it’s only what you wear, although that is a contributing factor, but it’s also about your diction, the air of confidence you give off, and your resumé. Fashion might not better your diction or your resumé but it can certainly give someone confidence. Studies show, that an enriching, deep blue suit is perfect for a job interview. Other colors like black, grey, and or brown are might consider wearing to an interview also. It is imperative, that you stay away from any loud colors in both your clothes and shoes.

According to an article written on, the color black is borders the line of what to wear and what not to wear to a job interview. In some cases, people who wear black an be aloof or reserved but, depending on how you wear it, it can exemplify sophistication and class. Too much black can become a problem. A fitted black suit from either Joseph A. Bank or Calvin Klein with either a warm brown or white dress shirt will fit the occasion perfectly. Your shoes should coordinate in color with your suit and it is pointed-toe is preferred over a less casual squared-toe. The tie should also coordinate in color with the shoes and the suit.

Deep navy blue, is easily the safest and best color to choose when preparing for a job interview. Unlike black, blue cannot be mistaken as an unapproachable color. A more highlighted and brighter blue is dangerous in that it’s too loud and distracting in an interview. Darker blues and navy blues are perfect. The color emanates trust and confidence along with sophistication and class. It does everything a properly executed black does but more. For the dress shirt again, brown and white are ideal. With a fitted blue suit you a have a bit more flexibility in the shoe department. Where a black suit and black shoes is considered acceptable and normal, you have another option with a blue suit. Brown shoes compliment a blue suit naturally and so for a blue suit it is preferred over the black dress shoe. Again, the pointed-toe is preferred over the squared-toe.

The same rules hold true for a formal date, granted you might not wear a suit, but, the color schemes are instrumental.

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