Domestic Violence SCCC



Domestic violence is never a laughing matter. Suffolk Community College has taken the initiative to promote domestic violence awareness hoping to spread its importance.

During the month of October, Domestic Violence Awareness month, Suffolk Community College and its students help raise awareness for domestic violence. The school has teamed up with and the two have collaborated in the effort to prevent domestic violence. Suffolk students are photoed holding signs with the words “No more” with a blank line, free to write what they feel. From the posters pinned the bulletin boards to the banner showcased in the library Selden has taken steps in the right direction.

Suffolk has even taken it a step further, the school has taken to Youtube. Found under the SCCC media website, there is a domestic violence video series that students have cleverly put together. There is a separate video series titled “Domestic Abuse: Early Warning Signs – Dramatization in 7 parts.” The series are considered to be instructional videos providing examples of different forms of domestic violence. The videos are not only useful for the victim in an abusive relationship, but it’s also extremely helpful for a third party outsider, making it a priority to notice abusive behavior when you see it.

“I think that what Suffolk is doing is great. Not only are they emphasizing the importance of domestic violence awareness, but they’re also affiliated with a great organization that shares the same goal. I only wish that they had done this earlier.” says SCCC student Brianna Singh.

“It’s cool. One of my friends from high school was in an abusive relationship and it’s that Suffolk is shining light on how important it is to recognize it when you see it and speak up about it.” says former SCCC student Jonathan Pryce.

This move made by the college seems to be going over with a lot of the students attending the school. This isn’t a move done for attention or recognition, this was a genuine act. At this age most college students are in active relationship, Suffolk’s “NO MORE,” shows that they care for their students and their well-being.

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