Professors Teach Growth, But Refuse to Grow With Times

By Julianna Buscemi

Just as students come in many forms, shapes, ages, and sizes, their professors do as well. Many of those professors have become adapted to the age of technology we so heavily rely on today, and can easily make themselves available on social platforms to better communicate with students. And then there are others, who regardless of having a profession that teaches growth, refuse to learn new technology and change their ways, in turn being disconnected from their students.

In a society that is only moving forward on the technology scale, how can we these professors remain in contact with their students without the use of technology? Class cancellations, upcoming assignments, meeting places, are all things that can be easily communicated through email. Those professors who neglect to use their emails and only work provide information orally can lead to miscommunication between their students and in turn can lead to discouragement in students in their work and their effort in class.

Sabrina Huber, a graduating student of Suffolk this Spring spoke her mind on the subject of technology unadvanced professors. “I have a teacher for a broadcasting class this semester who literally has someone from the office write on the chalkboard that class is canceled. A class about the use of technology to have your voice heard…” “I have to drive a half hour to class and waste gas only to find out it was pointless.” Sabrina expressed that when asked if the professor used his email, he responded by saying, “No, I don’t use that stupid thing”.

Professors must be able to provide sufficient communication with their students outside of class in order to build trust and respect between them. This can be through the use of school email, personal email, or blackboard. Without it, students will not be able to keep up with the workload of the class.


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