Female Sharks Compete Head To Head With Males

By Julianna Buscemi

 The college’s women’s sports teams have been swinging, dancing, kicking, and climbing their way up the championship ladder.

The women’s softball team has been on a 25 game win streak and first in the National Junior College Athletic Association’s Region XV after their win against Nassau Community College.

According to the college website, the team has been making a national name for themselves with impressive stats including ranking first in triples (34), and 3rd in batting average (.449).

If the team continues to flourish some of these girls could be headed to the major leagues!

If you were to survey a group of students as to whether or not they were aware that the college had a cheer team, there would be a big chance that little would say they had any idea about this team powerful girls, or that they’ve been working their way to the top of the cheer pyramid! According to the college website, Suffolk’s all girl cheer team placed third in the nation at the UCA & UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships last weekend. The competition was held in Walt Disney World and consisted of 11 colleges and universities, with only two junior colleges, one being Suffolk.

Along with these two defeating teams, Suffolk has many other women’s sports teams including basketball, lacrosse, and soccer, that have shown their athletic strength and go toe to toe with the guy. In the world of sports, sometimes women can be forced to take a backseat and aren’t seen as real competitors. But the women at this college have proven that wrong and will continue to use their Shark teeth to rip through the competition!

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