Shark’s Crunching Their Way to Nationals; 27- Game Winning Streak

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By Lakisha Brown

The college’s Women’s Softball team is crushing this 2015-2016 season and demolishing their opponents, non-stop, with a mind-blowing winning streak of 27 games. Under the leadership of Head Coach Joseph Kosina and Assistant Coach Neftali Collazo, these players are blazing a fiery trail on their way to Nationals.

“I think out team has experienced such great success this season due to hard work-ethic and dedication from the Sophomores, and an influx of talent from the freshman class,” Kosina, said.

Since the 26th of March, the Sharks have continuously defeated every opposing team. Collectively, the Sharks played 39 games in which they accomplished 496 hits, 74 doubles, 38 triples, 404 RBI’s, 471 runs, 18 home-runs and with a national batting average of .441.

“Suffolk County Community College’s Women’s Softball is on a 25 game win streak in and first in the National Junior College Athletic Association’s Region XV. The team won the championship after knocking off New Jersey’s Northern Essex and then defending Region XV Champion and rival Nassau Community College,” according to the school’s website. The site listed and acknowledged the impressive ranking in which the Sharks are placed nationally. “The team is nationally 1st place in triples, 2nd place in runs and RBI’s, and 3rd place in batting averages.”

The Sharks most remarkable games were played against Ulster County Community College and Nassau County Community College, both games were played in April. The Sharks won, 27-2, against Ulster with 27 runs, 24 hits, and 20 RBI’s. Again, smashing Nassau, 23-3, with 23 runs, 25 hits, and 22 RBI’s.

Saturday, May 7th, the team rivaled against Montgomery Community College and won, 16-4, yielding their best results in the 1st and 3rd innings. In this game the top scoring player was Valerie Scura with 4 runs, and she was closely followed by Jessica Parente and Courtney Lawrence with 3 runs each. Star player, Courtney Lawrence led with 3 hits, 4 RBI’s, and one triple play.

The Sharks maintained an impressive 27-game winning streak due to hard-work throughout the season. Everyone on the team has played a role in the season’s success, however, six star players have been key contributors in why the Sharks have had a remarkable season.

“Team honors go to Courtney Lawrence for Region XV Player of the Year and Region XV Tournament MVP. First team All-Region members; Valerie Scura, Jamie Parente, Jessica Parente, Paige Baker, and Courtney Lawrence. Second Team All-Region; Samantha Magerovich, and Joe Kosina for Region XV Coach of the Year,” according to the college website.

Throughout the season the star players were Valerie Scura, Jaimie Parente, Jessica Parente, Paige Baker, Courtney Lawrence, and Jackie Chester. In the lead, Courtney Lawrence, Outfielder/P-SS, assisted with 50 RBI’s, 59 runs, 64 hits, 10 triple plays, and 13 double plays for the season. A close second, Jackie Chester follows with a .479 batting average, 53 RBI’s, 50 runs, and 56 hits. Valerie Scura lead with 61 hits and 62 runs, the most among her team- mates. Jessica Parente placed just under with a .500 batting average, 45 RBI’s, 49 runs, 58 hits, and 10 doubles. Paige Baker was responsible for 11 doubles for the season.

The Sharks have established a winning recipe for this season which is allowing them to dominate in the regions, and possibly in the National’s. Upon winning the National’s, the team could potentially win the World Series of the National Junior College Athletic Association. Historically, the school has had four regional victories and zero National triumphs. The 2015-2016 season could be headed to win the National’s and the World series, which will be the first time in history that the college’s women’s softball team has won victory of that magnitude.

“We’re headed to the NJCAA Division III World Series and this will be a first for Suffolk’s Women’s Softball Team,” Kosina, said.





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