The Transfer Process

By Thomas Reilly

For many students, this week will be their last at Suffolk. The time has finally come to transfer to that four year university that will be the final step in pursuing the dream career they have always wanted since elementary school. So, what are some of the places people are looking to transfer to?

“I will be attending Suffolk for one more semester and then hopefully I can transfer to Oswego. I think Oswego is the best place for me because my father went there and he says it is a great university,” said Dylan.

Not every student has the ability to choose what university they want to attend, but those that do have different reasons why they believe their school of choice is the best fit for them.

“I want to attend Stony Brook because it is close to home and I would not have to dorm. I really do not want to dorm at my college because I think I will not be focused enough on my work,” said an anonymous student at Suffolk.

There are many things that go into the transferring process, and students who still have time to plan out their future should understand some tips that could make the whole process much smoother.

The first tip is to visit whatever college you have an interest in. There is no better way to get a full understanding of what the college is about than by going to see it for yourself. Every college advertisement that you receive in the mail will tell you how great the campus is, but some college campuses are not for everyone so it is very important to visit the college you are seriously thinking about attending.

Courtesy of Suffolk Community College

Courtesy of Suffolk Community College


The second tip is to find out about any scholarships that your future university may offer. Colleges often have numerous scholarships that people do even know about. There is a great chance that you could be qualified for one of them. College is not cheap by any means and any money you can save in the process is a huge bonus.

The third and final tip is attend a college with somebody you know. This tip applies to the students who plan on living at their college. The best way to adjust to a new college is by knowing other students. Not everyone can have this luxury but if the opportunity is there then take it. Meeting new people and making new friends is all part of the college experience but the best way to get yourself settled into your new life is by having somebody who you can trust there with you.

Suffolk is another step in the road to your career and it is very important that you leave here in the best possible situation. There are always people who can give you great advice on campus if you are unsure about something. College is a world of opportunity and if the opportunity is there for you, then you take it.

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