Spring Fest Cheered Students up during Stressful Test-taking Times

By Jignesh Majmundar

Campus Activities Board of Suffolk County Community College organized the “Spring Fest” – a social and recreational event – at Veterans Plaza on Ammerman Campus on April 27, 2016. What a beautiful day that was! Nice and sunny but not hot.   There were many happy faces around. There was music, inflatables, several carnival games with prizes, free carnival snacks like pretzels, cotton candy, churros, a booth for caricature artistry, and a magic show by Joel Meyers.

Spring Fest 003

Campus Activities Board in collaboration with SCCC administration did a brilliant job by organizing this event right around the test-taking times. The timing of the event was perfect as it allowed students a much needed break from the exam related stress.

Spring Fest 001

“It is good to have it now because we are so stressed right now due to finals that we needed an excuse to get away from it for an hour or so”, Stephanie Krause, an SCCC student, opined.

“It is such a cool event keeping in mind its timing because right now almost all students are stressed because of the final exams. This event is kind of a get-away from all that stress. I am really excited to be here and to have some churros. Best of all, they are free! I have had three churros”, Said Lamia Choudhury, another SCCC student.

“Lot of positive energy and lot of free food!!! Churros are great”, Said Eli, my classmate.

Spring Fest 006

“Timing cannot be more perfect. Evidently, organizers have kept students’ priorities in their planning”, Gino Titone opined.

These quotes confirm that the students seemed to welcome and enjoy the event. They are not only the reflection of how stressed students are during their final exams but also of how important various campus events and their timings are in satisfying their varying academic, social and recreational needs. All students present at the “Spring Fest” emphasized the importance of the timing of the event. Undoubtedly, such events are very important in enriching students’ campus life and academic experience.

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