On-campus Clubs, Organizations Enrich Students’ Social, Academic Environment

By Jignesh Majmundar

Suffolk County Community College offers a wide range of clubs and organizations. They are geared toward encouraging students to participate and satisfy their varying academic, social, recreational and/or special interests and needs. They enrich their on-campus life and academic experience. Students can join a ballroom dance club, campus newspaper, student government association or intramural athletic team and more. SCCC has over 90 different clubs and organizations which students can either Google or search under the “Students Organizations Search” database on the SCCC web page.

Campus wide events such as trips to Radio City Hall in New York, free movie shows, free or discounted tickets for local and regional music concerts, novelty shows like comedy, poetry or hypnotism and special events like scholarship awards program, black history month, trips to the Statue of Liberty, etc. are held each semester. The campus wide events mentioned above are planned and organized by the on-campus programming board known as Campus Activities Board (CAB). On the other hands, special events are planned and organized by individual on-campus clubs.

In order to find out how various clubs decide what events they should hold during a particular semester and how they are funded, an interview was requested with the faculty adviser, Frank Vino of Campus Activities Board.

Frank Vino, Host of the meeting.

His response was amazing and very detailed. As far as the funding is concerned, “Part of the tuition fee paid by students each semester is allocated by the administration for various social, recreational, cultural and educational programs. This sum of money is provided to the Suffolk Community College Association, Inc., a non-profit corporation primarily responsible for promoting co-curricular programs and services that directly benefit the student body. The SCCA has the campus specific Advisory Committee known as the ‘Campus Association Advisory Council’, chaired by the campus dean of student services and the college-wide Advisory Committee known as ‘College Association Advisory Council’ that include faculty representatives from the departments and organizations which receive SCCA funds. The ‘College Association Advisory Council’ makes recommendations regarding policies, programs, and the budget or allocation of funds to various campus departments and organizations. The recommendations are then reviewed and approved by the campus Dean, College Dean of Students, and President before they are submitted to the board of directors for final approval. Following approval, all budgets are coordinated through the Association Business Office and the SCCA then disburse this money to various clubs, associations and organizations as part of their budget”, Mr. Vino explained.

He also said “Each club then decides the kind of events it wants to organize based on its budget and whether the event or program fits within its mission statement” stressing further “The events or programs must be submitted to, reviewed and approved by the ‘Club Board’, which is comprised of five Presidents and Vice Presidents elected by their peers from the club program to review all programming and budget requests”.

Evidently, the Administration goes through a very robust, tedious and bureaucratic process in order to plan and hold various events and programs geared toward enriching students’ academic and social on-campus environment. And because the funds for such activities and programs come from students’ tuition payment, they should make every possible attempt to participate in one or more of those events and make good, smart use of their tuition payment.

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