Lion Bites Shark, Finds Pack at Saint Leo.

By Paige Cornicelli.js.jpg

College sports are big. They’re huge at some schools. Some schools like the University of North Dakota, Boston College or Quinnipiac University are schools who’s main athletic focus is ice hockey. Then there are schools like Alabama State, the University of Ohio, and Ohio State that have their main focus on football.

Some students choose their college based on the sport that they play. Chris Kreider and Kevin Hayes of the New York Rangers both went to Boston College for their men’s ice hockey team. Now they play professional ice hockey.

Community college can be a stepping stone to the big bad world of main stream college sports.

Some players do go professional. But some don’t. Josh Sciubba is a student who now attends Saint Leo University. Saint Leo University is a private college located in Saint Leo, FL. Josh was a baseball player, who originally intended to play baseball at his new school.

“When I was choosing schools I did look at schools I could play baseball at” Is what Sciubba, said when talking about if baseball was going to be the main influence on him going to one school or the other. He continued with “But when it came time to actually choose a school I chose it based on if I would enjoy being at the school if I weren’t playing baseball because it wasn’t very likely that I would be playing baseball in college.”

But sometimes it doesn’t work out that well. Sometimes things happen and plans change. Josh had shoulder surgery in April of 2012, effectively pausing his baseball career. So now that he can’t play baseball… what does he do? He could have transferred, but to Josh that wasn’t an option.

“Well I don’t plan on transferring but I did actually look into transferring at one point and when I did I chose schools based on playing baseball.”

So… Josh planned on transferring… but he didn’t. Now that he’s done with his baseball career, why did he stay? He originally went to Saint Leo for baseball and now he’s not playing. His reason is “Well yeah since I’m currently not playing baseball for my school and I’m still there. I chose and stuck with my school based on the major and the amount of opportunities I would have to get a job right after I graduate college.”

Josh’s girlfriend, Emily Riness is proud of him no matter what. “His shoulder worried me, of course. He’s a smart kid though, so his eduction is important to him.” She was not concerned with him leaving Saint Leo. “He wouldn’t leave. Josh loves this place.”

While sports are a major reason in people picking their college, it is not everything. Some people pick a school for the sport that they’re playing, some people fall in love with a sport because of the school their at. Some people, like Connor Clifton of Quinnipiac University, go to college with intentions of going professional in their sport. If not, that’s okay too. College should be a stepping stone in life, athlete or not.

Christine Gunn spoke on the matter, adding “There are truly elite college players that go on to see professional success.” But again, that is not the case for all. “However, some are only good enough for college.”

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