Student Government Brings Few Votes

By Paige Cornicelli.sdfgsdh .jpg

The college’s Student Body elections have come and gone and not many students are aware of that fact. The students had the choice, they can make the decision.

The college had their Student Government Association elections earlier in the month and not very many people know. The positions that had been up for grabs were President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Student Trustee, who will be present and represent the students at the college’s Board of Trustee meetings.

Not a lot of students know this information. An anonymous poll of 60 students across the college’s Ammerman campus showed that only a small portion, 12 of those 60 students, knew that there was a student election that they could have voted in. Of those 60 students, very few agreed that they would have gone and vote if they had known.

Alyssa McKenna said “No. I would not have went to vote. I did not even know that there was a student election.” That was a common answer among students, not knowing about the student elections and even of they did a lot of students are busy. Some of them don’t have time to do so, some don’t have the desire to do so.

But, there are students who are avid pro-voters no matter the type of vote. Kayla Lupoli-Nolan is one of those people. “Voting is important, even if its at your school. I always vote.” Would she vote in college? “If I had the time, yeah. I’d do it if I had the chance.”

The issue with people not voting in something as simple as a school election is then they complain that they have no say in anything. Most students are here to get in and out as soon as possible.

While many students don’t vote, it is good for students to vote in the election. We live in a democratic country so voting on anything is almost like a normal way of life for us. When students don’t use their right to vote for the student election, it is kind of like they’re saying they don’t care. A lot of students simply don’t care.

Since we live in a democratic country, isn’t college like a small country? We have a president, Dr. Shaun McKay. We have administrators that include a Vice President, treasurers and the like. We have a Board of trustees and those represent different departments. There are departments that represent education, funds, campus activities, student affairs and students themselves. The professors represent the authroity figures.

The students themselves represent a democracy. There is  a president, a vice president, treasurer, secretary and so on. The other students? Were like citizens and we have to do what we can to protect and better our land.

The Compass News paper published a special issue on the student elections, covering the different candidates and positions within the student government. It included the link to the form that needed to be used to apply, the apply by date and date of the elections. While this is good, students tend to ignore the compass all together. If they don’t acknowledge it, it isn’t there.

Students will have another opportunity to vote when the next election period comes around.

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