Suffolk Softball Wins Regional Championship !

b90c7eae3e87ad719550c9e774ac0844The Suffolk CC Women’s Softball won the regional championship last Saturday against school rivals Nassau CC to clinch district playoff berth.

Suffolk CC Women’s Softball team defeated Nassau 9-1 in their epic game in the regional final. Suffolk is now regional champions and now are on their way to district playoffs, where if they win they get to go to nationals. The girls were on a 24 game winning streak going into this final. It’s safe to say their current form is what led them through to win this game. There were some key players who led the squad to a satisfying victory. Jessica Parente 3B, scored a home run and had two stolen bases on the day to help her team win. Valerie Scura a shortstop sophomore also contributed big this Saturday, she had two home runs and a whopping nine stolen bases.

Paige Baker another sophomore did her part with 4 home runs and also three stolen bases. With this being Paige’s last year she is pumped up to go far this year and hopefully end with a national championship. “Last year we haven’t won Regional Champions, so to win it this year shows our progress” says Paige. “We are doing really well this year, we have a lot of confidence with the 25 game winning streak that we had including the win on Saturday”. Paige continued by saying “Becoming regional champions isn’t enough for us we want more than that we would love to get the national championship as well”. High hopes for the women’s softball team who now improve their record to 27-10 after the regional final win this Saturday. They have never won the national championship this year but it seems to be a promising year where they can do it.

With the team being very confident after the regional win the team says they can win it all if they play their best. “ I know my team is good enough to go that far as we should. We have beaten some teams very bad where it wasn’t even close it just goes to show how lethal our team is” said Noelle Noble another sophomore in her last year this season. “We beat our rivals Nassau in the finals so we’re going in the district games with very much confidence. We didn’t have a great start to the season, we started off 2-12 with most of the games being non-conference games.” Noelle insists that the team needed some chemistry therefore their start of the season wasn’t what they really want but they eventually picked it up and went on a 25 game winning streak which is very impressive. The lady sharks have not lost a game since March 25th, they have been undefeated for over a month heating up at the right moment going into the district championship.

Their opponent is still to be announced but it is confirmed that they will play this Saturday May 7th at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. If a winner of both games can be decided there will be a final game on the next day Saturday, May 8th to settle who goes to the nationals.

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