Open Letter to Trump Supporters

By Isabelle Desilier

*Disclaimer: This article does not reflect the views of Suffolk County Community College*


Delegates in Louisiana: Trump Threatens Lawsuit, Says Cruz Stole Votes

Dear Most Respected Persons,

First and foremost- I respect your opinion, your view point and understand that you have an operating intelligence. That being said, I will not belittle you, or treat you like a child. I will also refrain from biting my own tongue.

Donald Trump is not an idiot. I repeat, Donald Trump is not an idiot. How could a man who has won so many supporters be an idiot? He knows what he’s doing, he knows who his audience is, knows what they want, what to say and how to say it. And that’s what’s so damn scary about this entire election.

Trump is an ignorant, arrogant, racist, sexist, misogynistic 69 year old child who has become the public figurehead of the hate and hurt that has scarred this country and her people for generations. This man is slandering good people, entire cultures, religions and the working class. He is stereotyping in the most horrific ways and is raising a fear that so many people have worked so hard to dissipate so that their children can have better lives. He is bringing down America- in her entirety- and bringing forth a demon humankind has had to fight her entire life: hate.

And you are supporting him.

You are supporting a man who doesn’t respect woman. You are supporting a man who doesn’t respect diversity. You are supporting a man who failed in the business world several times despite his golden spoon. You are supporting a man who has never gotten his hands dirty for his family, a man who has never had to face hate so strong he was beaten for it, a man who has never seen or felt the terror of hearing the police outside of your house because someone accused you of something you never did, never felt the fear of a man catcalling you from across the street, never felt the pain of knowing that that kid across the street who was killed for being black, Hispanic, gay or whatever could have been your child, never known the fear of potentially losing your job because of an economic crisis, of living on the street and resorting to begging to feed your family. The shame, guilt, terror and horror of it all- of not feeling good enough, of being less than, of being hated without ever being known. He has never known. He never will because he is Donald Trump. He is multimillionaire extraordinaire with the bank to support him and his family wherever he goes, all the while carrying bodyguards to protect him from whatever. He is the man with little to worry about who thinks everything is just, “great”.

He’s never felt the core-gripping, crippling heartbreak of hearing that your son/ daughter/ wife/ husband/ father/ mother died fighting a war that he started.

He will never know how hard we work to survive. So who is he to tell me I don’t belong? Who are you? My parents worked hard to get me where I am today. Never skimped out on taxes, never stole, never sold drugs; they made an honest living and kept an honest life. They taught me how to live an honest and respectful life; and so have many more immigrant parents.

Attending a public school in a Hispanic dominated area has taught me just that. Many students’ families have at least one person close to them who is an illegal- and not because they want to skip out on taxes and other civil responsibilities, but because the actual process of becoming a citizen is so complex and takes so long that visas can actually expire before legalization is granted. Do you have any idea what kind of fear some of these people may have felt at the thought of being booted out the country just before citizenship is granted back to the country they’ve worked so hard to get out of, even having to leave their children and infants behind? It’s terrifying and heartbreaking. Many more illegals are running from an abusive country’s leader. Many of those illegals have actually begged the US government for sanctuary and have been denied. There are literally thousands of stories about illegal immigrants and their struggles to become US legal citizens; and you’re ignoring all of them. Instead, like you do with race and religion, you ignore the majority of good. You ignore their good will and dedication to the country that’s denying them and focusing on their few bad eggs. With every good family you see, you accuse the father of being a rapist. The facts? Less than 1.6% of all inmates are immigrants, and even less than that are actually there for criminal activity. And maybe, just maybe, .1% are actual rapists. Did you also know that immigrant families account for 12.2 million of people within the US population? Did you also know that that is less than 4% of the US total population? Did you even know that most “illegals” are actually in the progress of getting their green cards? Also, that the illegal families happen to know more about the United States, their laws and regulations even better than natural citizens; that they are more prone to following the law, even more so than the typical American? Did you also know that more than 50% of welfare abusers who scam the system are Caucasian females with a drug addiction? Did you know that most of all drug dealers are Caucasian males? And did you know that most drug users and pushers are upper middle class high school Caucasian males? Did you know that the majority of rapist and those who commit hate crimes are actually white? Or do you just ignore that?

I bet you didn’t even know that the majority of these illegal immigrants are not taking jobs the US citizens need; they’re taking the job that you don’t want!

And by the way, not all blacks are criminals. The majority of them are actually not even affiliated in any way to a gang. Studies show that the number of black men versus white men who are gang affiliated, Caucasians are more likely to join than black men are. Also,” black-on-black crimes “are not as likely to be committed as white-on-white crimes. Furthermore, despite the fact that black persons do makeup for 50% of prison population, statistics do not account for false prosecution and mistakes made by police force that lead to an unfair arrest. Beyond that, black people do not, I repeat, do not hate police officers. There are many black policemen on nearly every police and government force in America. What we do hate is the stereotype and racial profiling. While we understand the need for it in order to locate an actual criminal, we do not like the idea of our children sitting at home and wondering if they should bother going out because they might get shot, arrested or harmed simply for being black. Colored Americans (that included, Afro-Americans, West Indie Americans, Southeast Asian Americans, Central, North, South, East and West Asian Americans, South American Americans, aka Hispanics, etc.) love our troops, policemen and those who risk their lives for their country and their people- no matter their skin color or religion. So please stop telling us that we are going to get pregnant in high school then congratulating us when we don’t; stop telling us we “sound so white– educated”; stop asking us if we’re the first of our families to graduate high school/ college. Stop treating us like pets and monsters and sluts.  We are not any of those thing- not at least, any more than you. So please, stop.

You know what else? Not all Muslims are terrorist, and jihad is not a bad thing. Now before you label me a terrorist, hear me out. The word jihad in its true definition simply means to “struggle or strive”; it has often been taken out of context by extremists and therefore sullied by their actions. However, jihad has many strict regulations and has rarely been declared correctly throughout history. What is bad is ISIS, who, by the by, are not, I repeat, not, jihadist. They are terrorist and there is a difference. Many, many, Muslims are truly amazing and kind people. They believe in spreading love and care wherever they go; they stick to their beliefs with a dedication many Christian leaders covet for their own followers. They have gone to great lengths to prove that they are on our side- the side of the fighters, the good, against the fight on terrorism.

I mean, seriously? Terrorism, prisons and rape is the best you have against these people? Enough so that you are willing to risk half a trillion dollars to build a wall that will leave nearly 23,000 people out of a job, increasing unemployment and the now slowly, but surely, closing economic debt? If you want to put bad people away stop turning your eye from the fraud and horror your own politicians are committing. Look at your children who you are teaching “illegals are bad” and deserve to be abused for abusing our U.S.A. kindness- what kindness? Oh wait, should we thank you for making a game of hurting other races? Should we thank you for spewing hateful words in our direction? Should we thank you for stereotyping us into criminals and freeloading wasters? Should we thank you for talking down to us, about us, and speaking for us as if we were some nonintellectual and idiotic human beings? Are you kidding?

We are not. We are smart, beautiful, amazing, kind, loving, caring, and powerfully human. We are strong, resourceful and funny. We are your neighbors, coworkers, classmates, roommates and friends. We are your friends and this slander you support against us… We are hurt. We are hurting. And you don’t care. You hate us. You hate me- because I am different. From you, because I am different from you and you are scared of a lie. The lie that a Black/Hispanic/ Muslim man will “take” your job.

He will, because he worked his a** off for that position while you sat back and did nothing.

You’re scared that this person will love your son/ daughter.

They will, because love has no discrimination.

You’re scared because this person will smile and/or talk to your friend.

She will, because she is nice and wants to compliment their sweater.

You are scared, for nothing but the propaganda that you spew at us.

We are scared because we can’t do anything about your hate, but show you that we love you and want nothing more than a good life in an America we are all working to make even greater than it can be- if only you’d let us. If only your prejudice, stereotypes and fear of what we’re not will finally give way to the truth.

You support Donald Trump. A man who has never once looked at these facts and probably never will. A man who doesn’t know, he doesn’t know, anything about his “beloved” America and will do nothing to help any of us. Yet, you still support him. And I know that this letter may do little to change that fact. You may even call all this one giant lie. You may even hate us even more, hate me even more. But that’s fine, because while you stew in your seat hating me, I will be in college working my butt off to do better and be better than you could ever imagine.


With much love and respect,

The Beautiful Legalized Black Haitian Woman Making America Even Greater

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