SGA Welcomes New President Carlos Cobo

By Dan Howlin

Students at the College voted for the new President of the Student Government Association (SGA) Between April 4 and April 7. After the online polls had closed, Carlos Cobo, a senator with SGA came out on top after running against two other candidates.

Cobo, who is in his second semester here at the College discussed his time as an SGA senator and what his plans are as president moving forward.

“I wanted to join SGA because I knew this club was far more prestigious than others at the school and I felt that this club was the most connected to the actual politics that run this school,” said Cobo, who joined the SGA earlier this year. He added “Being a senator meant I would do very legislative actions with the faculty and I was definitely right. I spoke to so many faculty and staff members that decide the overall presentation of the campus and knew that if I spoke to them on behalf of the students, they would take it into consideration and possibly change.”

His experience as a senator prepared him for a higher position and made him eager and willing to run for the position of President he said.

“I ran for the presidency because I felt I was most qualified for it.” He then added “I felt I was most qualified for it because with the change I hope to bring to Suffolk, whatever that change is, I have the charisma to compromise with the next senators coming in next year, along with the faculty and staff. I was very active in SGA and knew that as a president, I would raise the bar for how a president would act in moving the club forward.”

Cobo said he believes that even though he has only been in SGA for a year he has what it takes to be a leader.

“I never held a major leadership position before, but that doesn’t mean I don’t fit the part; I believe that the presidency was a position I could challenge myself with, and that’s not to say I’m just doing it for kicks. I want to take community college seriously, and being the president of SGA shows that,” Cobo said.

“The current SGA president actually called me that Friday afternoon, the day after the elections ended and told me that I won,” said Cobo, regarding how he found out he had won the election. “He had to tell the other candidates before telling me, so it took until the late afternoon for him to tell me. I’ve actually been trying to take a Friday or Saturday off of work to have a celebration party, but I’ve never had the time to do so. When I get a Friday or Saturday off is when I plan on celebrating.”

As president, Cobo said he hopes to be active with the college, the staff, the students and the community. One of his major goals is to make the college more environmentally aware, because he believes it’s something worth fighting for.

“We’ve had some connections with Melanie Morris, the chairman of the Environment and Sustainability department at Suffolk, so as President I hope to further work with her and push for more environmental projects, other than just Earth Week, an event going on right now,” Cobo said.

One specific goal that Cobo hopes to accomplish is putting a water filtration system in the Babylon Student Center saying he believes Melanie Morris is the key to this accomplishment because “she has worked with previous organizations to get those devices installed in their own schools.”

“Being the only Hispanic to be running for president, I especially wanted to win for the fact that despite a majority Caucasian population in the Ammerman campus, I wanted to make that difference and be of minority race winning a major position for any club in the campus,” said Cobo when discussing why becoming President meant so much to him. Cobo stressed that he was not saying “vote for me because I’m Hispanic” because he believes that the most qualified candidate should be elected, but he does believe his diversity will better prepare him for his role as President.

Looking ahead, Cobo said he knows that being President is a big responsibility, but he looks forward to being involved with everyone at the school.

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