How Music can Save Your Semester

By Fabrizio Salerno

While doing any school related activity, it is important for students to listen to the proper music to get them through it. Music is good for your soul and can get anyone especially students on the right path to more success.

As students it is important to listen to music because it just clears you mind and can make you focus more on any specific topic. Streaming services worldwide understand that college students need music now more than ever which is why they implemented a student discount to subscribe to their services. Spotify, Tidal, and Pandora all have student discounts which charge around $4.99 a month which is more than half of the regular going rate. Apple music is in works to implement a plan to have users at an affordable price because most people have iPhones and those people are students so put two and two together, and you have a leading streaming service.

These services all provide a playlist for any type of activity you can think of whether it is cooking, or working out, and most importantly studying. They have a playlist which includes sounds of even beats to songs without the lyrics so that students can realize they are focused and in the zone to make the test the best thing they have studied for.

“Music makes the world go round and without music, I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself”, Liam Stevenson, a student at Suffolk Community College states. Stevenson says that his best genre to study to is hip-hop. The rea

son being is that the beats that producers use to make hip-hip music make your brain click and you just feel like you are more focused. Liam says that pop and country music are good but he feels that hip-hop is the number one answer to studying.

John Balfe says that “Hip-hop with no regrets, is the best choice to study to”. He states that Future, J.Cole, and Kendrick Lamar are his go to artist to make a playlist to when he has review to do whbeatsen it is test day. “Future has the most creative beats to listen to, Kendrick (Lamar) makes you think about what life is really worth, and J.Cole is the most influential to my life”.

Music in any way, shape or form, is art and as students we respect people’s art and it shows that today, it’s easier than ever to bring your music with you wherever you go as music has become inherently portable. We listen to music while we walk, cook, drive when we want to feel happy or relaxed. Music has become a fundamental part of our lives, which is why students are so eager to know whether it will negatively or positively impact their studying. Nicholas Choo loves listening to music while studying. “It takes you out of the world and puts you straight into the zone to where you would want it to go.

Since music can impact and regulate your mood and the best mood to study in is a more relaxed mood, choosing music that helps you relax but also with enough beat or rhythm to ensure you don’t zone out while studying is crucial. But music that’s too loud or with too much of an upbeat tempo can also be distracting, so having a playlist or specific artist you turn to for studying music can really help.

If you’re the type of person who has more difficulty multitasking and is easily distracted, listening to music while studying may just cause your attention to drift to the music rather than help you concentrate on your material.

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