End of Semester Calls For New Excuses

By Thomas Reilly

With the spring semester coming to an end in the next couple weeks the stressful times are approaching for all college students. Final exams, projects that require you to stand in front of your classmates and speak, or ten page long papers are soon to be due. With every college student looking ahead a couple weeks and losing sleep over the work they are going to be required to do, the classic excuses as to why they cannot make a class or why they missed the assignment deadline start to come out. Yes this happens all semester long but it really seems to happen quite often towards the end of each semester. Some excuses over the years became so cliché that professors knew that it was all you know what, which forces students to become creative, some even dark and depressing. Suffolk is no exception as some students have come up with some pretty weird excuses as to why they either had to miss a class or why they couldn’t hand in the assignment on time.

Perhaps the most popular excuse from a college student at Suffolk is something was wrong with their car. Students who go away to college do not have the luxury of using the car as an excuse, so Suffolk students make sure they take full advantage of it. “My car has broken down many times over my time at Suffolk,” said Billy. “I might have told every professor I’ve had so far my car broke down. Hopefully they don’t get together to talk about this stuff.” It is crazy just how easily college students’ cars break down nowadays.

The car excuse is an easy excuse for those students who drive themselves to class. Students who dorm at college have to come up with different reasons why they missed class. According to USA Today, the most common excuse a college student gives their professor is “my alarm didn’t go off.” This is the most obvious and least believable excuse out there. Professors know a student is lying when this is their reason for missing class. USA Today says that the second most common excuse is “my internet was not working.” Now this could happen sometimes, however it is an excuse that is used so much that it has become unbelievable for professors.

The excuses for being absent are fun and crazy; the excuses for missing assignments are even crazier. Perhaps the reason why these excuses are more far-fetched is because they apply to every student at any level, not just college. Every excuse has been used before so creativity is a must.

“My professor once said on day one that he does not want to hear any reasons why we missed our assignments. He said he has heard every excuse and does not want to hear it,” said Keith, a former Suffolk student.

The most common excuses for missing work according to USA Today is my printer did not have any ink. Please, do not ever use this excuse, it will only get your professor to hate you. Although I would much rather somebody use this than a “death in the family excuse”. Yes, students do lie sometimes about this.

“I would never lie about something that serious only to be excused from work. I do believe it has happened before, but I would never do it,” said an anonymous student at Suffolk.

Some college students may lack in motivation and commitment to succeed in class. However no college student lacks the ability to come up with a creative excuse as to why they missed class that day.IMG_1848

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