Sharks Rip Apart College With Parody Twitter

By Julianna Buscemi

Twitter, one of the largest social media platforms is home to the college’s 9,000 follower, student run parody account. SCCC Problems, known as @SuffolkCCCProbs, has featured nearly 6,000 tweets and 40 images on its page since its creation in December 2011. It’s feed primarily maFullSizeRenderde up of ‘retweets’ of other Suffolk students, showcases common issues and complaints regarding professors, parking lots, unsanitary bathrooms, or sometimes simply funny moments captured on campus. Some of the most popular tweets include, “College is cool because if you relax for 5 seconds then all of a sudden you’re failing 11 classes even tho you’re only taking 5” from @MarioPalush, and “There is always that one person who drives the wrong way on a the one way road” from @MCimmy12.

Owner of the account, who chooses to remain anonymous, says that “I started it because I thought it would be fun and a good way for students to interact knowing they all have the same problems on campus”. Although humble, the page owner says that they did expect the account to become as popular as it did, their reasoning being “Only because I know I’m very social and try to help out as much as I can when it comes to students asking questions”.

Along with the always popular *picture of the outrageous park job* and “We’re supposed to get 12 inches of snow tomorrow when is Suffolk going to cancel classes” crowd favorites, the twitter page with close to a 9,000 student following creates a platform for students to be able to interact about things that can aid in their success at Suffolk. Students can tweet questions regarding professors available for classes they are registering for and are ‘retweeted’ by @SuffolkCCCProblems, which can lead to an overwhelming response by its large following, and can help the student make a decision based on the response. An additional benefit to students of the parody twitter page is the opportunity it presents to buy and sell textbooks outside of the campus bookstore. The same way in which students can interact with each other about professors through ‘retweets’, it can be done through images uploaded of certain textbooks students need and or want to sell, which can be much more beneficial than bringing in an old textbook to the bookstore and being offered $20 when you purchased it from them for $300.

@SuffolkCCCProblems, an anonymously run parody twitter page whose name owns up to its content, has seen great success since its start in 2011. It has proved that students of Suffolk are not shy about the issues they are having on campus, and that they are not alone. Those who are interested in starting a twitter page of their own are most likely guaranteed success. According to the owner of this popular twitter page, @SuffolkCCCProblems, “I just think the key to popularity with these things is being nice and outgoing”. The 9,000 followers the page has earned in the 5 years of existence would certainly agree.

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