Intramurals Get Students Involved

By Sara Schabe

With a week full of classes and work at the end of the day, students tend to want something to break the monotony of it all. Intramurals, which are provided on all three campuses, are a perfect way to incorporate some fun and activity during the day.

This Spring semester the Ammerman campus offers 6 different intramurals for students to get involved with including basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball/badminton, ballroom dancing and Zumba. Each of these are held within the facilities of the Brookhaven Gymnasium.

Intramurals originally came about for the students that wanted to get involved without necessarily joining an athletic team. “Intramurals bring everyone together in a relatively low-pressure environment,” explained Kerry Swanson,  the Intercollegiate Athletic and Intramurals Coordinator, “With intramurals, there isn’t that pressure from the school or perhaps a coach.”

Almost all intramurals are student ran with an exception to Zumba, which is instructed by certified Zumba trainer, Genalin Shea. Shea also instructs classes at Zone Z Fitness, with her friend Sarah Sclafani, located in Bayport and at St. James Rehabilitation Center where she is a recreational therapist.

The remaining intramurals have student supervisors that are in charge of making sure everyone signs in.

Swanson estimates that on the Ammerman Campus alone, roughly 300 students participate in intramurals. She said, “Being a commuter school makes it harder. If people don’t have gym classes in the building where these intramurals are being held, they’re not really seeing what’s going on.” Which is true. Many people show up for their classes and then leave to go home or to work.

All intramurals are held during the common hour time slot of 11:00 to 12:15, mainly on Wednesdays, in addition to a few held on Mondays and Fridays. For students who don’t particularly wish to stick around during the day for these activities, the school also hosts 3 tri-campus events on 3 different Thursday nights which may fit into more schedules. These events include dodge ball, volleyball and 5 v. 5 basketball. Each of which are open to all Suffolk students on any campus and are accepted in groups or even by yourself.

Students may choose to get involved with these intramurals and events. However, if they are not interested in any of these, there are opportunities to start your own intramurals. Swanson explains that if we have the space and the students willing to participate, they can start new intramurals. In the past there have been students who started up ultimate Frisbee and on the West Campus, a small group of students asked about starting a soccer intramural and since, it has gained traction and attracted a few more students.

Having enough space is the main obstacle. “On the West Campus, the only facility they have is the Field House and on Fridays, they don’t have access to any space,” Swanson explains, “on the Ammerman Campus, the best time is Wednesdays during common hour and on Fridays, but not a lot of students are on campus Fridays.” The Riverhead campus has the biggest issue with space since they don’t have an athletic complex, just outdoor fields.

There are several opportunities to get involved with intramurals. If interested, you can stop by the athletic office where all intramural events are posted and where they have brochures listing intramurals, as well as the tri-campus events.

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