Graduate Faster; Get Paid; Have Experience

By Isabelle Desilier


“Getting students to apply for internships isn’t the problem, it’s getting them to know about it.”

Have you ever heard of the Co-op Ed & Internship Program? Of course you have; you just don’t remember. Oh, you know! Remember when you went to visit colleges, and the representative hits you with a three ton truck load of information about how you can save money, and then you zoned out for half a second due to their monotone and/ or obviously rehearsed, fake- cheerful voices boring you to death, leading you to miss this piece of golden information? (It’s totally on purpose. Okay, so maybe it’s not, but it sure feels like it!)

“I didn’t even know that I could take an internship course in place of [my Humanities] class.” Rhea Morris, current SCCC student on the Grant campus.

Well, fear not my similarly minded colleagues; I have what you need to know. (And more!) Let’s get down to business- first and foremost, what is Co-op Ed & Internship Program?

The Cooperative Education and Internships is a program that allows students to enroll into courses in which, for some, they would only have to attend weekly one hour seminars. In the meantime they would be working in the fields of their potential jobs, gaining experience and network. There are some programs however that have shorter required hours, but you would have to attend class normally.

Each course has a college credit of 3 or higher, allowing you to gain experience, education and new professional connections in the field of your choice, or even a one you would never had thought to follow, all the while gaining college credit. Best part? Everything you need to know and how to apply is on the SCCC website.

Okay, I lied… that wasn’t the best part, it’s the easiest. This is the best part: you get the opportunity to travel away from here, our sweetly sunny SUNY Suffolk. Yes, you read that right- travel! As in, other states, countries- continents! And if you don’t know the difference, please return to the fifth grade to get reeducated. Thank you.

You can even get into Disney for free, kind of… (If you call manual labor free…). So beside the point! Which is: by rolling into the Co-op Ed & Internship Program, you can get opportunities that you may not be able to get otherwise, like, ever. With this program, graduating can come sooner, and you can leave with a better outlook on your future, and self.

Oh, did I mention you could potentially get paid? You heard me: mullah, green, dough, guap, cash, bread, bank, bills, dollars, etc. You get the point. Some of the internships offered are paying internships which means you literally get paid to learn.

See? Learn something new every day.

Unfortunately, not every internship will offer you all the sweet deals listed here: in fact, if you look on your Sain’s Report, it will not tell you whether or not your program allows you to participate in any internship during a semester. Professor Miller has been fighting to get that changed.

“Getting students to apply for internships isn’t the problem, it’s getting them to know about it.” Professor Veronica Miller, internship professor of the 203 Women’s Studies and head of the Financial Aide facility on the Ammerman campus.

“It is not right that students have this kind of opportunity and don’t know about it. Students do get emails about the internships but they don’t get very much detail about them or know how they can apply. Furthermore, how many students actually read the nonreply emails sent to them? I hope that that changes someday but until then, I am here.”

Until then, Sharks, if you have any more questions:

Visit the FAQs page or email with your name, ID number and your questions. (Prof. Veronica Miller,, will be able to answer more specific questions for you. Professor Miller is located in the Financial Aide department on the lower floors of the Ammerman Building across the halls of the Registrars offices.)

Please be sure to use your school provided email as administration, staff and faculty are not encouraged to contact student via personal email to/ from school emails.


Thank you!


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