Students offer input on Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show

By Fabrizio Salerno

Mr. Kanye West held a fashion show Feb. 11 that was sold out at “The World’s Most Famous Arena”, better known as Madison Square Garden. For those who were lucky enough to grab tickets to the event, it was a great showing of what he has in store for his YFullSizeRendereezy Season 3 fashion line.

Kanye was demonstrating what it is like to use his own creativity and others’ influences to make an image on paper turn into a reality with models from around the world. While showing the clothing line, he played his most anticipated album entitled “The Life of Pablo”. Many Kanye fans believe the album is supposed to be about Kanye getting his skills of artistry from the great Pablo Picasso. But others have said that he named it after the most popular Columbian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar, who you learn of on the hit Netflix series “Narcos”. But Kanye has come out and said via Twitter that his album is indeed titled after Pablo Picasso.

His album was better known as a Gospel album with a Yeezy type finish to it. While at Madison Square Garden, I got a chance to soak in what was believed to be a kick off to fashion week. Fans were lining up to get Merchandise that advertised what The Album was truly all about and they weren’t shy about waiting for it either. While the show was going on and people were getting hyped about what music was playing and seeing people react the way they did was definitely what Kanye would have wanted.

The Next day on Campus, I saw a young man who was wearing merchandise that was being sold at the venue the night before. While walking by, I got a chance to interview a young man by the name of Kevin Aiken. He said that he “Waited on line for about 40 minutes and gave up and got off the line”. But I noticed he had a bag with other Merchandise so I asked him where he got it from and he said it was for a buddy of his.  When I got across the question of how long he waited on line for it, He said “I went back and asked the person in front of the line to go get him a hoodie that was $90 dollars, I gave him the $100-dollar bill and told him to keep the change since he did a nice deed”. I was in shock at the amount it cost him to get a hoodie.

After the show was over I asked a few people outside of MSG questions about how they felt about the album. Alex Baietto from queens says that “This album is pure fire and is definitely one of his best works of his career”. When I asked him what his favorite song was he said “Ultra-Light Beam because it showed the true gospel perspective that Kanye wanted to portray and the Lyricism is incredible”. Then I caught up with a girl by the name of Sam Giamo. I asked her the same types of questions. She said that the album in her mind “Is okay because I haven’t really had a chance to soak it in since it hasn’t come out yet”. Then I asked her what he favorite song off the album was and she said it had to be “Facts”. For the record, “Facts” is a diss song dedicated towards Nike because they were not cooperating with him and he decided to go ahead and join Adidas. She said that she liked “Facts” because “I am not a fan of Nike and the fact that Kanye said that Nike treats their employees just like slaves, shows how much creativity and openness Adidas has toward it clients. There you have it Yeezy Season 3 fashion show was a success not only for the fans, but for Mr. West himself.

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