Dabbing trend gets crazier !

By Eli Whyte

The “Dab” is a dance where the person simultaneously drops his head in between his arm while raising his arm and resting his face there for a split second. The Dab, when finished looks like you’re using your inner arm to cover yourself when sneezing. The dance originated from Atlanta, GA by a Hip-Hop group named Migos. The dance got popular after the music video “Look at My Dab” dropped and it was an internet sensation but the hype for the song and dance didn’t stop just after the video.

Many people started doing the dance like some notable people. For example athletes like Cam Newton and Odell Beckham Jr. do the Dab dance after they score touchdowns. They both are icons to young athletes and because of them they made the trend of the dance last longer than people expected. The Dab gained popularity in U.S. sports following an eight second celebratory Dab by Cam Newton which is an excessive time for a celebration in the NFL. The young football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers did the dabbing dance after scoring during a 2015 game against the Tennessee Titans during week ten of the season. When two Titans players confronted Newton about the celebration, he continued to dance in their faces, even as he backed away. After his famous dab against the Titans, Newton explained at a press conference why he had dabbed. He credited a 16-year old for instructing him to “dab on them folks” and now that saying while doing the dance also became a trend too. Second semester student Ricky Little said “The dance is very fun and it’s easy to do that’s why I think it’s such a big trend because anyone can do it really.” Dances are made by certain cultures and sometimes other culture don’t have the swagger to pull off these new hip trendy dances but to everyone the dab seems easy to do. I also talked to Latrell Washington about the new dance going around and he said to me “Obviously everybody stated making interest of it when Cam Newton would do the dab when he scored, we would see the dance so much because scored a lot.” Washington also said that his favorite team is the New York Giants and his favorite time seeing the dance is when Odell Beckham Jr. did it after scoring against Cam Newtown’s Carolina Panthers in a close game in NY.

The dance started in southern America but made its way around the world quickly through social media and sporting icons around the world. Paul Pogba a young soccer icon who plays for Juventus also continued the trend by doing the dance after scoring against Samdoria in January 10th 2016. He didn’t stop there as he got his teammates involved with the trend and started taking many Instagram pictures doing the dance. He also has a famous picture on Instagram dabbing with Paul Nedved vice president and ex player of Juventus. Jesse Lingard another soccer star for legendary club Manchester Untied did the dabbing dance on multiple occasions after scoring goals in the Premier League. “It’s crazy to see the dance start here in the US then rapidly grow throughout the world, I’m a big soccer fan and I like to see soccer players do it after they score it bring joy to the game” said Anil Sire former soccer player for SCCC soccer team and SCCC student.

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