Sharks Take Bite Out of Hofstra’s Pride


By Paige Cornicelli

January 31st, 2016, Dix Hills, New York.

The Sharks  Ice Hockey team took on the Hofstra University Pride Hockey Club at the Dix Hills Rinks on Jan. 30. The game started at 10:30 PM, ending with a final score of 10-0 in the favor of the Sharks.

Anthony Barbara of the Sharks opened the game’s scoring with a shot from the right circle at 9:25. There was a slew of penalties, with Suffolk’s David Felician getting two minutes for holding, and then two more for tripping. At 17:32 of the first period Jim Kateridge scored in a gritty play down by the net, closing the scoring and bringing the Sharks goal count to two on the period.

The Sharks were on the hunt for their third goal of the night. Chris Corcione snapped a shot at 7:30. hook, line and sinker. The Sharks scored two quick goals by Sean Kelly at 10:55, and Brett Clinch at 12:20. The goals came less than two minutes apart. With 51 seconds left in the game, Chris Stubba scored, giving the team a 6-0 lead, and ending the second period.

After a scrum in front of the net, Sharks captain Jared Vuolo scored at 1:09 of the third period. Matt Motek of the Sharks scored at 5:35, the eighth goal of the evening for Suffolk. One minute and six seconds later at 6:41 Chris Corcione of the Sharks was given a five-minute major penalty, a 10-minute misconduct and ejected from the game for elbowing a Hofstra player in the head. Hofstra received a penalty at 14:21, and Chris Stubba scored his second goal of the night, the first and only power play goal of the game, at 15:13 of the period. Anthony Barbara, who opened the game’s scoring, closed it with a slap shot at 17:41. His goal brought the team’s total goal count to 10, and the final score to 10-0 in the favor of the Sharks

Eric, a student from Hofstra University said “I’m used to them losing. Im used to losing in general. You get used to it when you’re an Islanders fan.”

Nicole Leventhal, who was attending the game  was happy to speak to me telling me she “enjoyed the game very much” and she was happy that Suffolk did well. “They played fantastic, for a college team that is not Division 1.” She also stated that she was “rather impressed, and excited to see them play that well.”

Risa Malkin, albeit rather confused, seem to enjoy the game. “I am the farthest thing from a hockey fan. I know absolutely nothing about the sport, and with that said, I had good time.” When I asked her what she enjoyed most about the game, she said “It was fast paced. I like college football, and this was similar.”

Shark Goaltender Connor O’Leary let in zero goals on 19 shots, for a total of 19 saves. Hofstra’s Goaltender Alex Feinstein let in 10 goals on 63 shots for a total of 53 saves.

Shots on Goal count obtained from

Roster information for both teams obtained from

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