Email Policy Resurfacing 7 Years Later

By Isabelle Desilier


This semester students are just learning they are not permitted to contact their professors via personal email. They are instead being required to use the college’s provided email and servers in order to correspond with

“It’s ridiculous,” Says a current  student. “The servers are wacky at best. I am in constant contact with my professors during the semester, especially with my major. I don’t want to have to rely on these servers for something so important. What’s the point of this?”

This policy has been signed by the Board of Trustees, and in effect, since May 21, 2009. This policy, however, does not specifically state that students and professors are not allowed to communicate via school provided emails to personal email. It only states, “The College does not recommend that students redirect e-mail to another e-mail address”; also “Suffolk County Community College’s official web-based student portal (My SCCC) and student email accounts are an official means of communication to all full- and part-time students enrolled in credit bearing classes”.

“I remember how the servers were at Suffolk,” Tatyana sccc logoWellington, graduate student of SCCC and current Pratt University student said. “I don’t know if this will help or not with the servers, but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal. Professors give out personal emails all the time anyway. It doesn’t change anything other than that students have fewer excuses as to why they didn’t hand in their assignments on time.”

Some students worry that because of the “constant bugs and errors” in the system, this regulation can cause some problems. Eric Mathieu, Portledge High School counselor, and graduate of Hawaii University and Bates College, majoring in Law,  has a different view.

“Both of my colleges have provided students with email addresses. Most students naturally use their [personal] email addresses but I am not aware of any policies prohibiting contacting via personal emails.” Mathieu said. “But, it should not [cause any major problems].”

The reason for the seemingly sudden regulation has not yet been disclosed- however, it is rumored to be due to the influx of outside sources to the SCCC servers; it is also rumored to be an initiative in order to monitor the information being traded between students and their, or other, professors.

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