Classes Stir Excitement in Students

Selfie by Kelsey Chorusey, Theater make up student, demonstrating zombie make up.

Selfie by Kelsey Chorusey, Stage make up student, demonstrating zombie make up.

By Deanna Honett

Students at this college are able to achieve an education without having to acquire debt worth thousands of dollars by the time they graduate. Out students attain a more advanced start in the work field than other by not having to stress about bills and student loans. This college is considered a smart way to start one’s college career because students can stay local and save money while still working with incredible professors that push their students to be the best they can be. Since Suffolk is a local community college and a commuter school, many people assume that this college could not possibly have the same offers as a private institution. However, our college offers classes that aren’t available anywhere else at unbelievable prices.

Classes here are more complex than one would think, ranging from normal lecture courses to training sessions being held on the Long Island railroad, the meaning of “class time” is being redefined. Being confined to four walls is now a thing of the past. Our college offers incredible classes that many are unaware of. Students have the opportunity to take amazing classes, but do not because they simply lack the knowledge that they can do so. For example, our New York Theatre class allows students to literally gain class credits while seeing Broadway shows in New York City, known as the Big Apple. Students that have taken this class in the past have stayed and met with actors after a show. The location of Suffolk gives students the opportunity to access one of the greatest cities in the world, and gain class credits while doing so. People travel from all over the world to visit what New York has to offer, while students here have a chance to make this city a part of their education.

Danielle DiMattei spoke about her experience from

Selfie by Denise Urbanski, Stage make up student, demonstrating zombie make up.

Selfie by Denise Urbanski, Stage make up student, demonstrating zombie make up.

taking this class last spring. “I’m shocked that Suffolk offered this. It was incredible that I got to not only see the Broadway shows for a discount because it was for education, but also got to meet some of the actors I admire, like James Franco, after the show,” she said.

Danielle recommends any students that have the chance to take this class to do so. It is not just for theatre students either, which is a common misunderstanding. The class credits can also count for communication majors or liberal arts majors as well.

If you’re interested in taking this class or have questions about the course, you should contact Professor Thomas Bovino. He is very knowledgeable and happy to help. This class will help students see how to act, speak well, analyze the wardrobe and stage designs, and so much more at an unbelievable price. LIU Post is a private expensive school on the island with half its student body being commuters, yet there college does not offer anything remotely close to this class. Price does not mean quality.

Education can be taught through textbooks, or through hands-on experiences. Instead of reading about plays, students here are given the opportunity to view the professional plays in person. Denise Urbanski, got to take make up art classes where she transformed herself into different looks. As an alternative to viewing pictures of makeup art she was able to become the art herself. “It was so much fun. I learned a lot from just jumping right into working with the make up hands on instead of seeing pictures. I felt like I was more interested in making my work come out perfect since I was the work,” she said.

Kelsey Chorusey also took the stage make up class. “I did not realize how good I would be at make up until I just jumped into it and started using my hands and putting the make up on myself. It was crazy how I could transform myself and not have to just read about it, but become the art,” she said.

Education is no longer boring textbook readings and lectures. When the research is done, students can find that there are great opportunities to learn in new inventive creative ways here. Students here have chance to choose classes where they do not wish to escape, while doing so at a reasonable price. When education is enjoyable and affordable, it is the most logical choice, potentially providing the best outcome for ones college experience!

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