Brentwood Campus Holds Track Meets for High School Students

By Fabrizio Salerno

Courtesy of Google Images

Once winter season comes around, many High School Students who participate in Track and Field, know that winter track is upon them.  Winter track for some people can be a grueling sport due to the harsh winter weather conditions that come with the season.

Winter Track is a sport that is practiced for many High School Students after school from the time they finish school, to usually about 4:30 p.m-5:30 p.m depending on what the coach has in store for the team to do.  Usually on Friday’s, the High School offers no Extra help programs so they practice straight after school to about 4:30 p.m.  They all practice outside no matter what type of weather conditions it is but in reasonable conditions.  For Instance, if there is a blizzard, most times they would practice inside because they don’t want to risk the health of their athletes.  The Brentwood campus holds these meets usually on the weekend to give teams the time to prepare and show their talents throughout the week.

“It is a great sport”, said Steven Adams, a 17 year old senior.  He says that not too many people can do this sport because of what comes with it.  When asked what he meant by that he said the following, “Like we practice outside and some people can’t breathe and end up throwing up or passing out when we have workouts”. Sounds a little harsh but many student participate in this to relieve the stress that they have in their lives.  Steven says that “Track is what helps me get through the stress of senior year”.  “I still don’t know what college I am going to go to, I am waiting on what schools offer me the most money”.  He is still working on finding his niche during these track meets at Brentwood.  He mainly participates in the 100 meter dash and the 300 meter dash.  He likes to high jump and believes he can wonders with it but his coach won’t let him.

“Track is the sport that I love and would never give it up for the world”, Jermaine Freeny, 17.  Mr. Freeny loves track and continues to compete at the highest level each and every day.  He says that his Pre-Track meet food of choice is pizza.  He states that Pizza “makes me feel good because I feel that I can compete at the highest level every weekend when I have a meet.  Mr. Freeny enjoys to play Fifa on his free time and says that he is one of the best FIFA players you can compete with.  Of course his friends say that he is “trash” at the game.  Patrick James, says that he can beat him any day as long as he has his boy Cristiano Ronaldo.  Track is what drives these players together and it can only make their relationship closer then ever.

One Student who is From North Babylon and perfected the art of High Jumping is Marcus Murray, a senior at North Babylon High School.  He has been on the track team for practically his whole track career and has been improving every year.  When seeing Marcus at the Brentwood Campus I got a chance to ask him a few questions about what goes into his preparation for every track meet.  He said that he enjoys to have Penne Alla Vodka the night before every track meet.  “The Penne Alla Vodka is so good, if someone ever asked me to give it up, I don’t think I can ever do that, it is the driving force for my success at meets.  He says that he High jumps usually around 6 feet but his career high was 6’1 at the Saint Anthony’s meet.  “When I jumped 6 feet it was such a surreal moment for me, my mother was in the stands cheering for me and my teammates were all surrounding me with joy that I accomplished what I wanted to achieve at the beginning of the season.  Marcus is still unsure what school he wants to continue his career in but he said that “the time will come when I get a letter to school that not only I have interest in but, also a school that has interest in me”.

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