Administration Changes Scantron Provision Policy

By Jignesh Majmundar

Family PicturesThe college has until Fall 2015 had an uncommon Scantron policy: students had to purchase and bring their own Scantrons during tests. Despite having certain instructors and/or professors purchasing and providing students with Scantrons during their tests, some required students to obtain them on their own for testing.

Scantrons are relatively cheap and can be bought at the campus book store for 33 cents each after tax, at the vending machine located in the Babylon Student Center for $2 for a pack of 9 or in bulk for about $10 to $12 after tax and shipping and handling fees at The problem, however; is not the cost, but the attempt of the administration to add costs to already paying students; causing further stress to already exam-burdened students.

If the college is striving to provide convenience to their students in terms of commute by having three different campuses including Ammerman, Grant and the Eastern Campus throughout the county and affordability in terms of tuition, why should it create such an unnecessary inconvenience to students, especially during their test-taking times? Should this cost have not already been covered in student tuition?

The rumors are that from Spring 2016, the college will provide their faculties with Scantrons. In order to confirm if this was true, an interview was requested with the book-store Director, Joyce Surbeck. “I cannot answer any questions unless and until I get permission from the Follett Higher Education Group, the company contracted by SCCC to provide educational materials to its students,” Director Surbeck responded, saying also to “send her an email with questions and [I] would forward them to the appropriate individual at the company and get back to [me] with answers,” with a warning that, “it would at least take two weeks before [I] could reply”.

Professor Collin Clarke of the English Department, however, confirmed that he has heard that the administration will now provide professors with Scantrons on an as needed basis but was not sure if that was on a temporary or permanent basis.

Another interview was requested with the Executive Dean of the Ammerman Campus, Wes Lundburg. He also confirmed, “SCCC will be providing faculties with the Scantrons from now on for testing purposes.” Lundburg emphasized that the provision will be on an as need basis due to varying departmental needs.

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