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Students offer input on Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show

By Fabrizio Salerno

Mr. Kanye West held a fashion show Feb. 11 that was sold out at “The World’s Most Famous Arena”, better known as Madison Square Garden. For those who were lucky enough to grab tickets to the event, it was a great showing of what he has in store for his YFullSizeRendereezy Season 3 fashion line.

Kanye was demonstrating what it is like to use his own creativity and others’ influences to make an image on paper turn into a reality with models from around the world. While showing the clothing line, he played his most anticipated album entitled “The Life of Pablo”. Many Kanye fans believe the album is supposed to be about Kanye getting his skills of artistry from the great Pablo Picasso. But others have said that he named it after the most popular Columbian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar, who you learn of on the hit Netflix series “Narcos”. But Kanye has come out and said via Twitter that his album is indeed titled after Pablo Picasso.

His album was better known as a Gospel album with a Yeezy type finish to it. While at Madison Square Garden, I got a chance to soak in what was believed to be a kick off to fashion week. Fans were lining up to get Merchandise that advertised what The Album was truly all about and they weren’t shy about waiting for it either. While the show was going on and people were getting hyped about what music was playing and seeing people react the way they did was definitely what Kanye would have wanted.

The Next day on Campus, I saw a young man who was wearing merchandise that was being sold at the venue the night before. While walking by, I got a chance to interview a young man by the name of Kevin Aiken. He said that he “Waited on line for about 40 minutes and gave up and got off the line”. But I noticed he had a bag with other Merchandise so I asked him where he got it from and he said it was for a buddy of his.  When I got across the question of how long he waited on line for it, He said “I went back and asked the person in front of the line to go get him a hoodie that was $90 dollars, I gave him the $100-dollar bill and told him to keep the change since he did a nice deed”. I was in shock at the amount it cost him to get a hoodie.

After the show was over I asked a few people outside of MSG questions about how they felt about the album. Alex Baietto from queens says that “This album is pure fire and is definitely one of his best works of his career”. When I asked him what his favorite song was he said “Ultra-Light Beam because it showed the true gospel perspective that Kanye wanted to portray and the Lyricism is incredible”. Then I caught up with a girl by the name of Sam Giamo. I asked her the same types of questions. She said that the album in her mind “Is okay because I haven’t really had a chance to soak it in since it hasn’t come out yet”. Then I asked her what he favorite song off the album was and she said it had to be “Facts”. For the record, “Facts” is a diss song dedicated towards Nike because they were not cooperating with him and he decided to go ahead and join Adidas. She said that she liked “Facts” because “I am not a fan of Nike and the fact that Kanye said that Nike treats their employees just like slaves, shows how much creativity and openness Adidas has toward it clients. There you have it Yeezy Season 3 fashion show was a success not only for the fans, but for Mr. West himself.

5 report attempted assaults on Ammerman campus


By Lamia Choudhury

One in six female college students is the victim of attempted sexual assault. The College is no exemption to that statistic. Last semester, a string of attempted sexual assaults was carried out by a young man who introduced himself as “Brandon” to female students. Described by those who were harassed by him as somewhere between 5’9” and 6 feet tall and weighing roughly 200 pounds, he was much larger than the young women he preyed upon.

One of these women was Brooke Ferreira, a freshman on the Ammerman campus.
Ferreira can be described as small and blunt and unafraid to speak her mind. When she describes what happened to her, she doesn’t waste time on small details and gets straight to the point.

“It was around 6 at night in October and I was walking to my car in parking lot 8. This big guy came out of nowhere and asked if I wanted to hang out and for my number. I told him I had a boyfriend and was walking away at the same time. He didn’t follow me to my car or anything so I didn’t worry too much about it. Creepy guys are everywhere,” she said.
Ferreira wasn’t exactly troubled by the encounter. That is until Public Safety sent out an alert warning students about this Brandon character. “I went down to Public Safety and told them what happened after I saw that email,” Ferreira said.
Baycan Fideli, the Director of Public Safety at the Ammerman Campus, said Ferriera was one of three students who came forward after the alert was sent out.

“We had two reports before the alert”, he said, “Once we put the alert out, we got three more reports,” Fideli said.
When asked if he believes “Brandon” is a student here, Fideli answered, “I believe so. But sometimes they look like a student, quack like a student but, they’re not a student.”
Fideli said there was no pattern in these incidents. None of the women who reported what had happened to them had anything in common. Most of the reported incidents occurred near parking lot seven but one happened in front of the Lindsay Building. Four out of five of the incidents happened in the evening but one occurred in the afternoon.
Fideli stressed the importance of calling Public Safety when an incident like this occurs. Students can dial (631) 451-4242 on any campus for assistance. Although calling 911 is still an option, often times there is a delay in help as SCPD officers are not already on campus and may not know the layout of the school.
Jillian Weynand, a former Ammerman campus student  who was also approached by “Brandon”, spoke of how the event changed things in her college experience.

“I’m more cautious about traveling my college campus now. I’m always with a buddy. I won’t get into my car without checking the back seat and make sure someone always knows where I am.”
Fideli also provided tips for students to avoid these kinds of incidents on campus. Walk in groups if possible and with a phone in hand in lighted areas. Never keep headphones on because Fideli said he believes they make students “completely oblivious” to what’s going on around them.
Blue phones exist on campus so students can call Public Safety. Just dialing 311 will alert them to where the student is and provides a direct line of communication.
Although there have not been more incidents like this reported after the alert was sent out, “Brandon” was never caught.

Steps to get Younger Generation Engaged

By Thomas Reilly

The 2016 Presidential Election is starting to really heat up and many Americans have strong opinions toward each candidate. There has never been this much buzz surrounding the election, and that is in large part because of the candidates running. Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and more all find themselves in the headlines every day. The hype and anticipation surrounding the election is good for this country, the more people are involved and engaged the better off the country is. However this has not always been the case in America, and despite the rise in popularity this year, the number of non-voters in America, especially those under 30 years old, is too high.

According to American Progress, of all the non voters in America, 34 percent are under the age of 30. 43 percent of non voters are African-American, Hispanicelection%202016, or Asian which is double the amount of actual minorities who do go out and vote. The turnout in the 2014 election was the lowest since World War II. Only 36.4 percent of eligible voters cast ballots according to the United States Election Project. Of those who did vote, only 12 percent of them were under 30 years old.

Some reasons why people under 30 do not vote is because they either don’t want to, their parents don’t vote, or because they are not educated enough on the candidates who are running. Perhaps the biggest reason is because people don’t want to get out of their homes and wait on a line for multiple hours to vote. Many Americans believe there vote is meaningless and one person not voting won’t change the outcome of the election.

I have a few ideas that would increase the number of voters around the country, especially people who are under 30 years old. The first idea I have is that voting should be allowed online. Today’s world operates over the internet so why should voting for the president be any different? Allowing people to sign up and vote online will dramatically increase voting numbers. Yes, I understand that the risk of this is somebody will try and hack the system and vote 1,000 times for one candidate, but the government can find a way to make it work, hopefully.

Another way the government can increase the amount of voters is to allow people to register on Election Day. According to Policy Mic, the 18 to 29-year-olds who make it past the registration process actually tend to always vote. If the government allows people to register the same day as the election, there would be no reason for people not to vote.

The third idea I have that would increase the voting numbers would be to allow college students to register and vote at their college. Election Day this year will be on Tuesday November 8th so why not make that day “Voting Day” on all college campuses so students can register and vote. It would generate buzz around the college and make students more educated on the candidates if there is constant discussions involving the election. “If I had the chance to vote on campus, I would,” one anonymous student said.

America was built on the idea that the government works for the people, not the people work for the government. The people have the say and many of them are not taking advantage of that liberty. If more and more young people do not go out and support this country, the government will start to have the say and that is not in this country’s best interest.

Dabbing trend gets crazier !

By Eli Whyte

The “Dab” is a dance where the person simultaneously drops his head in between his arm while raising his arm and resting his face there for a split second. The Dab, when finished looks like you’re using your inner arm to cover yourself when sneezing. The dance originated from Atlanta, GA by a Hip-Hop group named Migos. The dance got popular after the music video “Look at My Dab” dropped and it was an internet sensation but the hype for the song and dance didn’t stop just after the video.

Many people started doing the dance like some notable people. For example athletes like Cam Newton and Odell Beckham Jr. do the Dab dance after they score touchdowns. They both are icons to young athletes and because of them they made the trend of the dance last longer than people expected. The Dab gained popularity in U.S. sports following an eight second celebratory Dab by Cam Newton which is an excessive time for a celebration in the NFL. The young football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers did the dabbing dance after scoring during a 2015 game against the Tennessee Titans during week ten of the season. When two Titans players confronted Newton about the celebration, he continued to dance in their faces, even as he backed away. After his famous dab against the Titans, Newton explained at a press conference why he had dabbed. He credited a 16-year old for instructing him to “dab on them folks” and now that saying while doing the dance also became a trend too. Second semester student Ricky Little said “The dance is very fun and it’s easy to do that’s why I think it’s such a big trend because anyone can do it really.” Dances are made by certain cultures and sometimes other culture don’t have the swagger to pull off these new hip trendy dances but to everyone the dab seems easy to do. I also talked to Latrell Washington about the new dance going around and he said to me “Obviously everybody stated making interest of it when Cam Newton would do the dab when he scored, we would see the dance so much because scored a lot.” Washington also said that his favorite team is the New York Giants and his favorite time seeing the dance is when Odell Beckham Jr. did it after scoring against Cam Newtown’s Carolina Panthers in a close game in NY.

The dance started in southern America but made its way around the world quickly through social media and sporting icons around the world. Paul Pogba a young soccer icon who plays for Juventus also continued the trend by doing the dance after scoring against Samdoria in January 10th 2016. He didn’t stop there as he got his teammates involved with the trend and started taking many Instagram pictures doing the dance. He also has a famous picture on Instagram dabbing with Paul Nedved vice president and ex player of Juventus. Jesse Lingard another soccer star for legendary club Manchester Untied did the dabbing dance on multiple occasions after scoring goals in the Premier League. “It’s crazy to see the dance start here in the US then rapidly grow throughout the world, I’m a big soccer fan and I like to see soccer players do it after they score it bring joy to the game” said Anil Sire former soccer player for SCCC soccer team and SCCC student.

Students Talk Politics as Elections Move Closer

By Dan Howlin

With the presidential election only eight months away, many college students are preparing for to vote for the first time.

When discussing the elections, one of the most important issues for anyone is whether or not to vote. Younger people often think that their vote won’t make much of a difference. “A few years ago, I didn’t think voting was too important” student Justin Harrison said. Harrison then added “Now that I’ve gotten older and can actually vote, I realize that it’s important, by going out and voting we’re showing support for the candidate.”

Another issue that many young people face is who to vote for. “I believe it’s important for everyone, especially people our age to watch the debates” said student Ben Nelson. As voters, the most important thing we can do is stay informed, no matter what party you align yourself with being informed and staying in the know is essential in picking the right candidate. “The more information we have, the better” said Nelson, “Staying informed on all the candidates is the best way to make sure we vote for the right person” he added.

When it comes to voting for president, most people automatically think of the general election in November, totally disregarding the state primaries. The primaries are a lot more important than people think. If support for a candidate isn’t shown early on in the election process, the most suited candidate may not even have the chance to receive the nomination when the time comes.
A lot of people also think that if the candidate they voted for doesn’t win, then it was a waste of a vote when in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Whether the candidate you vote for wins or not, by voting, you are voicing your opinion. If everyone had the mindset that voting doesn’t matter, nothing would ever be accomplished. “Even if your candidate doesn’t win, it’s still good to vote” said student Austin Scott. “Whether they win or not, showing support and voting for your candidate may have a positive impact down the road” added Scott. By voting, your opinion is heard no matter who wins.

As the election looms, there are a few things everyone should know before the time comes. As stated by many students, knowing the candidates is one of the most important parts of the elections. All former debates can be found on YouTube. In the Republican Party, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Ben Carson are the remaining candidates. On the less crowded  democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the two candidates still standing. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the current leaders for their respective parties. The New York State primaries take place on Tuesday, April 19. By voting in the primaries, voters help decide who the candidate for each party will be. For the general election to determine our next president, Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 8.

Nobel Prize Winning Economist Talks Income Inequality to Students

By Sara Schabe

Nobel Laureate of Economics, Dr. Paul Krugman, spoke about Income Inequality to students, faculty and members of the local community on Wednesday, Feb. 10. This event was hosted by the Honors College.

The presentation covered the concept of income inequality among social classes and the lack of income distribution in a lot of rather developed nations, while also touching upon the idea that income inequality doesn’t actually hurt economic anIMG_1380d societal growth as many may assume.

Krugman, a Long Island native, was initially drawn to economics because of his interest in Science Fiction as a teenager. He explains that the Foundation novels by Isaac Asimov inspired him. “The books were about a social scientist that saves civilization and that’s what I wanted to do. Economics was the closest thing,” Krugman said, “Economics is a quantitative concept, yet it is still about people and society.”

Receiving his undergrad at Yale and his PhD at MIT, Krugman went further into the world of economics. Since, he has been involved in publishing over 20 books and more than 200 professional articles. He writes a biweekly column for The New York Times and he was also an economist under the Ronald Reagan administration. In 2008, he received the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Students were honored to have someone with a distinguished reputation but had a hard time understanding some concepts outlined in the presentation. Justin Lerner, a student of the Honors College said, “While it certainly was an honor to have a Nobel Prize winning economist speak at our school, I found myself to be rather confused through certain points of the presentation.” Lerner further explained that, “Unless you were studying business or finance, it can be seen why it would be difficult to follow along, as many people, myself included, aren’t well rounded in the economic field.”

Despite the difficulty seen by some to follow the presentation, it was still seen as a great and rewarding experience by students and faculty alike. Honors College professor and adviser Albin Cofone said, “I just think it’s maybe the only opportunity in your life (hopefully not) to be in the same room as a Nobel Prize winner. I think that’s pretty cool.”

Cofone was not the only faculty member to find this experience to be enriching. John Bockino, professor of Economics explained that in his 42 years here, this was only the second Nobel Prize winner to speak at Suffolk. The first was Elie Wiesel, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, in April of 1998. One thing Bockino found especially important in Krugman’s speech was, “As he was speaking, you were able to see that there are no simple answers to problems. Not in economics or even in life.”

Krugman certainly explained in his presentation that the issue of income inequality is one that has been worked on for years and even still, people aren’t sure what to exactly do about it. One remark Krugman made was, “If someone tells you that he or she knows why income inequality has rise and it’s because this [person] did something, that’s an indication that they have no idea what they’re talking about.” He went on further to explain that we have in fact made discoveries in this area but it still primarily remains a mystery.

Another issue outlined in the presentation was the debate surrounding the increasing of minimum wage. “Common thought about raising minimum wage is labor costs will rise so unemployment will too, but there has been little to no evidence to prove this to be true,” Krugman explained.

The presentation given was an opportunity for students to get a little more insight into the economic world, despite possibly having little to no previous knowledge, and to listen to a Nobel Prize winner speak. “This was such a great honor,” Bockino explained, “Seeing someone who is so successful in their field is a great way to show students that by working hard, they can potentially become as successful. Being exposed to these kind of experiences is what college is all about.”

Foreign Students Cross Waters, Become Sharks

By Julianna Buscemi                printforms_rdax_214x257

As many residents of Suffolk County know, starting a college career at Suffolk County Community College is a wise and honorable decision. It is a perfect opportunity to get a foot in the door in a potential career choice, and be on your way to a four year university with a better understanding of who you are as a student. Those Suffolk County residents make up close to the 26,500 enrolled students, but what many do not know is, in addition to the many recognizable faces of your hometown, Suffolk also has over 100 international students from all around the world.

From as far as China to India, these students travel from their home country with their F-1 Student Visa, a visa allowing foreigners to pursue a full time education in the United States, and are given the opportunity to earn an degree within two or three years, depending on if they need English language training. Suffolk, the largest community college in the state of New York, admits international students in the fall and spring semester, and offers them an annual tuition including the cost of housing and living expenses, making the total annual cost $29,440 dollars per year. International students are not permitted to work off campus, however they are permitted to work an on campus job, giving them the opportunity to not only earn a living to pay for tuition, but also help them get acquainted with students of this country, better learn the English language, and become custom to our culture. Upon completion of their degree, students are required to return to their home country within 60 days of their visa completion, unless they make the decision to enroll in a higher program, or transfer to another school, as many of our own country’s community college students do.

Suffolk is a great place for international students to begin their college career in America because the program here provides education just as beneficial to the students as a four year university, for a shorter, less financially demanding experience, where they can then decide to take their education in the direction they see fit.

Many of us enrolled at this community college will take the guidance and head-start approach to education we have gotten, and go off to do big things in the career world of our dreams. For many international students, their dreams are coming true just by being given the opportunity to have an education in a country where we give equal opportunity to anyone willing to learn. These students will take back to their country the lessons they have learned, both life, and educational, and create a new and exciting life for themselves that they may have never been given the chance to do, had they not got their start at Suffolk.

Classes Stir Excitement in Students

Selfie by Kelsey Chorusey, Theater make up student, demonstrating zombie make up.

Selfie by Kelsey Chorusey, Stage make up student, demonstrating zombie make up.

By Deanna Honett

Students at this college are able to achieve an education without having to acquire debt worth thousands of dollars by the time they graduate. Out students attain a more advanced start in the work field than other by not having to stress about bills and student loans. This college is considered a smart way to start one’s college career because students can stay local and save money while still working with incredible professors that push their students to be the best they can be. Since Suffolk is a local community college and a commuter school, many people assume that this college could not possibly have the same offers as a private institution. However, our college offers classes that aren’t available anywhere else at unbelievable prices.

Classes here are more complex than one would think, ranging from normal lecture courses to training sessions being held on the Long Island railroad, the meaning of “class time” is being redefined. Being confined to four walls is now a thing of the past. Our college offers incredible classes that many are unaware of. Students have the opportunity to take amazing classes, but do not because they simply lack the knowledge that they can do so. For example, our New York Theatre class allows students to literally gain class credits while seeing Broadway shows in New York City, known as the Big Apple. Students that have taken this class in the past have stayed and met with actors after a show. The location of Suffolk gives students the opportunity to access one of the greatest cities in the world, and gain class credits while doing so. People travel from all over the world to visit what New York has to offer, while students here have a chance to make this city a part of their education.

Danielle DiMattei spoke about her experience from

Selfie by Denise Urbanski, Stage make up student, demonstrating zombie make up.

Selfie by Denise Urbanski, Stage make up student, demonstrating zombie make up.

taking this class last spring. “I’m shocked that Suffolk offered this. It was incredible that I got to not only see the Broadway shows for a discount because it was for education, but also got to meet some of the actors I admire, like James Franco, after the show,” she said.

Danielle recommends any students that have the chance to take this class to do so. It is not just for theatre students either, which is a common misunderstanding. The class credits can also count for communication majors or liberal arts majors as well.

If you’re interested in taking this class or have questions about the course, you should contact Professor Thomas Bovino. He is very knowledgeable and happy to help. This class will help students see how to act, speak well, analyze the wardrobe and stage designs, and so much more at an unbelievable price. LIU Post is a private expensive school on the island with half its student body being commuters, yet there college does not offer anything remotely close to this class. Price does not mean quality.

Education can be taught through textbooks, or through hands-on experiences. Instead of reading about plays, students here are given the opportunity to view the professional plays in person. Denise Urbanski, got to take make up art classes where she transformed herself into different looks. As an alternative to viewing pictures of makeup art she was able to become the art herself. “It was so much fun. I learned a lot from just jumping right into working with the make up hands on instead of seeing pictures. I felt like I was more interested in making my work come out perfect since I was the work,” she said.

Kelsey Chorusey also took the stage make up class. “I did not realize how good I would be at make up until I just jumped into it and started using my hands and putting the make up on myself. It was crazy how I could transform myself and not have to just read about it, but become the art,” she said.

Education is no longer boring textbook readings and lectures. When the research is done, students can find that there are great opportunities to learn in new inventive creative ways here. Students here have chance to choose classes where they do not wish to escape, while doing so at a reasonable price. When education is enjoyable and affordable, it is the most logical choice, potentially providing the best outcome for ones college experience!

Students Survive Parking Lot Wars: 7 Clear Signs You’re in It

By Lakisha Brownparking story

Most students should understand that you’ve entered the game of parking lot wars by default. If you are a student and you drive on campus to attend class, please be aware that you’ve already signed an unwritten agreement to play the game. All participants, willing or unwilling, need to be well prepped for the game in order to win. Here are seven signs that will help you identify and adapt to the parking culture.

Slow Creep Stalker: Have you ever walked to your car and felt the strange sensation of someone following you? “I was like wait…what’s happening?” fellow student Victoria Snyder said. Most of us look back to find that there is someone watching and following you, eagerly using their telekinetic powers to move you and your car “safely” from their future parking spot. Smile and start your ignition immediately, followed by retouching your make-up or reviewing sports updates for the next five minutes.

Human Hour Glass: You’ve returned to your car excited about taking selfies, Tweeting, updating your Instagram, Snapshot, and Facebook statuses when you look in your rear view mirror and the human hour glass has arrived. A fellow student is waiting to take your spot. They may appear to be patient, but they would like nothing more than for you to skedaddle because your precious moments could mean losing half a lung as they fast walk the entire mile to class.

Smart Car: Finding a parking space quickly is instrumental in getting to class within a timely fashion. One day you will witness what will appear to be the parking space of your dreams. It will feel as if Public Safety freshly painted the lines to fit your car perfectly, but upon further discovery, you will find a smart car…but you shall call it a dumb car. Don’t worry! You weren’t the first to be fooled and you will not be the last. Use this opportunity to practice your three-point turn.

Gangster Rap: Apparently, gangster rap is the preferred genre of music for students who wish to preserve their cool identity while seeking out a parking space. There is no need to alert Public Safety officials, lock your doors, or clutch your purses tighter. The driver is more prone to be like a midget Stephen Hawking than 50 cent. Just relax, shut your windows, and turn your music louder.

Creative Parking: According to the college website, we all pay a $15 vehicle registration fee, but don’t worry this doesn’t guarantee a parking space for your vehicle. During times when you’ve circled the school five times looking for parking, you may be tempted to create your own parking space. “When they do a horrible job plowing you can’t really help it. Where are you supposed to park?” said fellow student Paige Cornicelli. Students give up hope and end up parking in trees, sidewalks, or curbs. But you are smarter. You will park in Antarctica and enjoy your 3.5 mile brisk and freezing walk to class. It won’t hurt too much, your face may lose its entire sensation before you make it to class.

Idiot test: Should you be the extremely patient person coveting and waiting for someone’s parking space, please remember to use the appropriate signals. There is a special “I’m not an idiot” feature that tells the rest of us that you plan on parking, these lights are known as a turn signal. If you use them properly, people get the idea that it’s okay to go around you to proceed in the parking lot war.

Parking Lot Wars: All parking spaces are not created equal. If you are witnessing an opening, it’s safe to assume that there are many opponents out there seeking to steal the parking spot created just for you. Keep your eye on the prize. Que the western cowboy gunfight music in your head and eyeball your opponent aggressively. Usually the person who is closer wins. The parking lot is practice for driving toddlers, so compete wisely.
We’ve all entered the parking lot game of wars. If survival is your intention, remember to brush up on your stalking talents, practice impatience, shame smart cars, embrace Gangster rap, park creatively, pass the idiot test, and win your parking wars. May the best conquer the rest!

Email Policy Resurfacing 7 Years Later

By Isabelle Desilier


This semester students are just learning they are not permitted to contact their professors via personal email. They are instead being required to use the college’s provided email and servers in order to correspond with

“It’s ridiculous,” Says a current  student. “The servers are wacky at best. I am in constant contact with my professors during the semester, especially with my major. I don’t want to have to rely on these servers for something so important. What’s the point of this?”

This policy has been signed by the Board of Trustees, and in effect, since May 21, 2009. This policy, however, does not specifically state that students and professors are not allowed to communicate via school provided emails to personal email. It only states, “The College does not recommend that students redirect e-mail to another e-mail address”; also “Suffolk County Community College’s official web-based student portal (My SCCC) and student email accounts are an official means of communication to all full- and part-time students enrolled in credit bearing classes”.

“I remember how the servers were at Suffolk,” Tatyana sccc logoWellington, graduate student of SCCC and current Pratt University student said. “I don’t know if this will help or not with the servers, but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal. Professors give out personal emails all the time anyway. It doesn’t change anything other than that students have fewer excuses as to why they didn’t hand in their assignments on time.”

Some students worry that because of the “constant bugs and errors” in the system, this regulation can cause some problems. Eric Mathieu, Portledge High School counselor, and graduate of Hawaii University and Bates College, majoring in Law,  has a different view.

“Both of my colleges have provided students with email addresses. Most students naturally use their [personal] email addresses but I am not aware of any policies prohibiting contacting via personal emails.” Mathieu said. “But, it should not [cause any major problems].”

The reason for the seemingly sudden regulation has not yet been disclosed- however, it is rumored to be due to the influx of outside sources to the SCCC servers; it is also rumored to be an initiative in order to monitor the information being traded between students and their, or other, professors.