College Provides Students with Recreational Gym Activities

By Jillian Weynand

Our tri-campus college is home to over 21 sports teams and intramural sports for students to become involved in.

photo courtesy of SCCC Athletics Website

photo courtesy of SCCC Athletics Website

With a busy schedule from day to day, it can be difficult to find the time to be active and stay fit.  Luckily, each campus here at the college is fully equipped with gymnasiums that offer intramural activities that take place during common hour each week.

There are only 4 rules to abide by to be involved in an intramural activity: one must be a current student of the college, all participants should sign in with a valid student id card, the student should have a minimum grade point average of a 2.0 and shall be dressed in proper gym attire.

To get involved with intramural sports or work out in the gym you don’t need to be on an athletic team or be a physical education student.  Any full time student of 12 or more credits with a valid student id can join in the fun down at the gym.

The intramural program is a great way to get back in the game if you don’t have the availability to be on a sports team here at school.  The program is a great way to get moving and be active while finding a beneficial way to spend breaks on campus between classes and during common hour every Wednesday at 11 am.

This semester co-ed intramurals began during early Feb. giving students the opportunity to take part in basketball, Zumba, ballroom dancing, soccer, volleyball/badminton, yoga/Pilates, and tennis.  The schedule for intramurals can be found on the SUNY Suffolk Athletics website or in the Brookhaven Gymnasium.

For students who are interested in using the weight or cardio room have full access to work out of free, rather than pay for a pricey gym membership.  Students need to sign in with a valid student id as well as check the schedule in the gymnasium lobby to find out what time the facility is available for recreational use.  Some physical education classes use these rooms for their scheduled meeting times.

A number of students don’t know about the intramural program or what kind of access they have to the athletic department even though they aren’t a phys. ed. student or team member in the department.  Students aren’t fully aware of the programs at hand and don’t take advantage of them as a commuter student.  Being a commuter student means that the student probably lives at home, attends school and is holding down a job or two and may not have the time to be a member of a gym or have the desire to pay for a membership.

The “open gym” concept that the college is advertising helps put students in the mindset that they can fit the time in to take care of themselves and stay fit without having to pay the price.

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