Scholarship Info for Upcoming Graduates

By Jeffry Hernandez

With the semester coming to a close, many students are wrapping up their time at Suffolk and snagging their Associates Degree this upcoming May.

The college offers two types of degrees, an AA degree which is the popular of the two; a degree that focuses on a specific area of study that serves as a starting platform for students who plan on continuing their studies and achieving a Bachelor’s Degree at a four-year institution. Then there is the AAS degree, a degree that has a lighter load of work required than an AA and specifically focuses on a particular career path.

Throughout a student’s time at Suffolk, the college has offered the Get There from Here which is a scholarship awarded to students who have at least a 3.0 GPA and have performed ten hours of community service or more.

The amount given to the student is up to six thousand dollars annually to up to five semesters which can fully cover tuition for an in state student and have about six hundred dollars left over than can be used as college bookstore credit.

Along with the Get There from Here scholarship, the college also offers a scholarship called the Stay on Long Island scholarship (SOLI). This scholarship is aimed at students who are graduating from Suffolk with an Associate’s Degree and who plan on continuing their studies on the island.

The requirements for the SOLI scholarship are at least a 3.75 GPA and completion of an AA degree, the deadline for this scholarship is usually February 1st.

These are the only two scholarships the college offers (without specific course requirements) along with an extensive number of scholarship opportunities partnered with other four year institutions in the State of New York and a few schools in the surrounding areas.

But what about students who aren’t graduating from the college with a degree but plan on transferring anyways with just credits the accumulated? What about the students who plan on transferring to institutions across the country rather than staying home? Sadly, there are no scholarship opportunities for those students coming directly from the college.

During a conversation I had with Thomas Law, the man in charge of promoting the SOLI scholarship and other scholarships for graduating at the college; I asked why no help for students who plan on continuing their education without the emphasis on obtaining an Associate’s degree.

Law said “We encourage students to get a degree rather than just transferring without a degree because they’ll enroll into a four-year school for a few semesters then might possibly drop out – when you go meet with a potential employer it looks better on your resume that you have a degree rather than have sixty college credits without a degree”

Law also mentioned that “Today, you can’t really go far with just an Associate’s degree” understandably so, Apple Inc. won’t even hire you without a Bachelor’s degree.

Although Suffolk really has no scholarships to offer to those students who plan on transferring without an Associate’s degree, students can find scholarships at their transfer school’s website along with numerous scholarship websites such as and scholarship apps for your mobile device such as Scholly.

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