Urban Explorers Club Goes Ghost Hunting in Gettysburg

By LaChonne Reese

Our college has a range of various clubs and organizations. Some of which are the typical and common university clubs. One club that is not so typical would be the Urban Explorers. The Urban Explorers is a unique club that seeks to explore paranormal phenomena in the New York area and to enjoy cultural events in the city, as well as, Long Island.

The Urban Explorers have visited graveyards and attended séances. Some of the places the club has visited are Mt. Misery Road, Sweet Hollow Road, and cemeteries in Setauket, Mt. Sinai, and Huntington. After taking numerous photos at the cemeteries the members have witnessed orbs in the digital photos they took.

This weekend the ten members of the Urban Explorers will be spending the first few days of spring break in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where they will attend a ghost excursion. The club members will be staying in the Days Inn hotel.

Gettysburg was the site where Confederate and Union armies clashed on July 1, 1863 where there was a three-day bloodbath during the Civil War that changed American history. More than 8,000 soldiers died over the three day period. The town became one of the most active paranormal hot spots in the world as a result of the battle.

“We’re going to go to a place that is very famous in retrospect. That is the Jenny Wade House. Then were going to go across the way to the orphanage. Apparently there have been a lot of strange things happening there over the years. Then were going to get some overview of battle itself and then were going to visit the various parts of the battlefield” says Erikson. Professor Erikson is the advisor for the Urban Explorers.

Also attending the trip is Joseph Hobin, President of the Urban Explorers. “I have photos of actual ghosts inside the [Kings Park Institution], and apparitions” said Hobin.

In 2001, tourists caught film of what looked like he spirits of soldier walking through the Triangular Field where the battle took place. If they take enough pictures maybe they can catch some evidence as well.

Program members attending the trip will depart Friday, March 27 at 6pm and will return home on Monday, March 30, 2015 at 2am. If you are interested Adviser Ed Eriksson urges students to contact him at 451-4625.

Club members meet in Islip Arts Building Room 207, every first and third Monday each month at 11:00AM to 12:15PM. At the meeting, as a group, the club members decide what location to visit based on the reputation the location has, whether it is haunted or not. Some meetings also involve students sharing their own personal experiences with the paranormal.

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