Workshop Aims to Teach Students About Professional Profiles

By Jenni Culkin


The College will be offering a workshop about LinkedIn benefits on Monday, April 6 to all interested students. Career services on campus will be hosting the event in the Mildred Green Room in the Babylon Student Center at 11 a.m.


The college director of career services, Sylvia Camacho, said that she came up with the idea of bringing a workshop such as this to the college after getting the idea from other colleges sharing their best practices and what worked for them.


According to Camacho, LinkedIn is a good way to “connect with groups that you haven’t thought about.”


When logged on to your LinkedIn profile, you can choose to follow groups that interest you and read what they’re discussing. Through LinkedIn, students can find out about the latest news in their profession, news about professional development skills, and find opportunities for jobs, internships, and volunteerism. The basic version of LinkedIn is completely free of charge, making it one way to save money and still gain professional brownie points.


“It’s about connecting with people that interest you,” said Camacho.
Camacho also talked about the difference between a résumé and a profile. While a résumé is helpful in locating and securing a very specific position, a professional profile offers an array of options. Professional profiles convey who you are to prospective employers.


According to Camacho, students can expect to learn the “importance of putting their image out there,” “showing [their] professional self,” and “how to present themselves” during the LinkedIn workshop. The workshop will also give a basic understanding of how to set up a profile on the website and how to navigate the website.


LinkedIn is also popular among employers in learning about potential employees.


According to an article in Forbes, 1,848 staffing professionals from a Boston-based company called Bullhorn were surveyed about their use of social media in job candidate hunting decisions in 2012. 97.3% of those who said that they did use LinkedIn.


In addition, LinkedIn’s blog said, “As of 2009, 40% of Fortune 100 companies are using LinkedIn Talent Advantage recruiting solutions to source and hire candidates.”


If you’re looking for more information, contact the career services office at (631) 451-4049.

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