Men’s Lacrosse Team Gearing Up For Matchup Against West Point Prep

By Matt Ferremi

The school’s men’s lacrosse team is looking forward to a happeningmatchup against West Point Prep. It will be the team’s last home game of the regular season. The game will take place on Wednesday Apr. 15 against West Point Prep on the Grant campus lacrosse field.

The head coach of the school’s lacrosse team is Greg Taylor. He is currently in his third season as head coach of the team. This season, the team currently has an 0-2 record as they lost the first two games of the season to Howard Community College and CCBC Essex. Coach Taylor is looking for students to support the team, “Although this is a community college, students should still come out and support our team. I believe it is a good experience for students to interact with their fellow classmates. It provides the same experience of joining any kind of club on campus.” Taylor said, about students supporting the team.

The team’s opponent on Apr. 15 is West Point Prep. These two have had a history with each other in recent years. “They are a well-run program that consistently fields a good team. We always like to schedule them,” Taylor said about West Point Prep. West Point Prep’s consistency starts with the head coach of the team Tom Hansen, Hansen has over 240 wins as coach of West Point Prep lacrosse in a 30-year span. The last time these two teams played was in 2013 and the team beat West Point Prep. The two teams were scheduled to play last year, but it was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Even though the men’s lacrosse team is currently 0-2, Taylor feels his team is on the right track to getting some wins. “I feel like we have a solid team with some good players. The first two games of the season we were playing some good teams. If we improve on a few things, then I think we’ll get some wins in the coming games,” Taylor said talking about the team’s season so far. This game will be the last opportunity for students to see the lacrosse team on campus against a good team like West Point Prep.

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