J-Rod Leads Way For Suffolk Ice Hockey

By Matt Ferremi

There are a few reasons why the school’s ice hockey team had a winning record this past season. One of those reasons was the play of their leading scorer, a 19-year old from East Islip.

That 19-year old is Jared Vuolo. This past season, Vuolo led the team with 38 points, which included 25 goals in 24 games along with 13 assists. The numbers Vuolo put up this year helped the hockey team finish with a 9-3 record in their division this season. “The season I had this year was exceptional. I just played with confidence and it payed off for me,” said Vuolo describing the season he had. Even though the team had a 9-3 record in their division this past season, Vuolo felt there were some games the team lost that they could have won. “The team play was phenomenal throughout the season as well as my individual play. But there were some games that slipped away from us that we should’ve won,” Vuolo said. One of the examples Vuolo alluded to was the last game of the season in which the team lost to Stevens College 5-4 in the first round of the playoffs.

Jared Vuolo taking a faceoff this season for the school ice hockey team.

Jared Vuolo taking a faceoff this season for the school ice hockey team.

This season saw Vuolo fill up the stat sheet on multiple occasions along providing some signature moments. “The first game we played against Columbia University was definitely my signature game,” Vuolo said discussing his top moment of the season. That game was played on Nov. 1 and it was a close one throughout. Vuolo said his signature moment was him scoring the go-ahead goal in the third period of that game. “The game was tied in the third. I got the puck and took it down the ice and put it in the net to break the tie. What made it even better was that it turned out to be the game winning goal for us,” Vuolo said. “That was the moment where it all started clicking for me and where I felt accepted as a Suffolk Shark.”

This journey to playing college hockey started from Vuolo when he was in the second grade. “I started out playing in the local roller hockey league when I was in second grade. By the time I was in middle school, I started playing ice hockey for the school’s club team.” Vuolo says that his two older brothers, Cody and Brandon are his biggest influences on his hockey career. “My brothers were the ones that got me into hockey. I always played out in the street with them, and I believe they are the reason for my success in hockey.” His brother Brandon was a goalie until the end of high school. The two even got to play on the same team for a brief amount of time. Not only did Vuolo play hockey in high school, but he also played varsity baseball and participated in track and field while he attended East Islip High School. Vuolo has had thoughts of playing for the college baseball team. But he thinks “It will interfere with hockey.”

Vuolo is currently a liberal arts major in his second full semester. He plans to play hockey at the school for two more semesters. After those two semesters, Vuolo plans to transfer SUNY Maritime where he has hopes of joining the hockey team.

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  1. Must of been a sweet moment for you Mr. V. keep scoring big .

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