Inconsistency at it’s Best

The Misuse of the Suffolk Athletics Website

By Rene Canales

picture 2

Photo Courtesy of SUNY Suffolk Athletics

What is one thing that you look for as a college student? Is it school spirit? Is it to watch the school sports? Is it to know that these sports are active?

Suffolk Community College is a school with roughly 26,500 students enrolled. It is a school that has 3 main campuses, Brentwood, Riverhead and Selden. The Selden campus in specific is one of the most populate campuses with over 14,000 attending classes there. When asked about what sports were active during the spring semester, the students didn’t know how to answer. One common answer was basketball, but other than that no one knew what was going on. The Director of Athletics, Kevin Foley doesn’t seem to think that this is true. “As someone who has been here for 39 years, athletics is promoted more than ever… In the past, one of the prime ways that ATHLETICS would get tremendous coverage/advertisement was through the Compass student newspapers,” said Foley.

From a student perspective things are a bit different. Pedro Gomez, a former Radio and Television Production student and also Jon Bobby, an Accounting student definitely did not agree with the Director of Athletics. In fact they thought that he was a bit off in his statement. Their thoughts when asked whether the college does a good job of promoting sports were not anything that agreed with Coach Foley. “I don’t think that the college does a good job of promoting the sports here on campus. I’ve been coming here for two years and I didn’t even know that some of these sports were even in session,” said Pedro. Jon Bobby also had some of the same thoughts that Pedro had in the sense that he also disagreed with the Coach. “I had no clue that there was even a hockey team that played. I barely even knew when and where the basketball teams played. What the coach said is false and I’m not trying to sound unjust but he is completely wrong. This school does barely anything to try and promote their sports and it is really sad,” said Jon.

As for what they think needs to happen in order for the school to do a better job of promoting their sports team, Pedro thinks they should use social media. “Today, we use social media for everything like Twitter and Facebook so I think that using sites like those, it would make it much easier to reach the students and others so they could attend the games.” Jon bobby had a slightly different option, “I think that they should promote it on campus, like during common hour, that would probably work the best because you’re catching them right on campus, where they can easily decide, with a group of friends, to go to the games.”

In this age of social media, why doesn’t the school use websites like Twitter or Facebook to reach audiences, instead of putting it on a calendar of events, in which you can only see when you log onto the student account? Many things need to change in order for things to become easier for students to go see these games.

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