Feminist Magazine Makes Impact on Campus

Photo courtesy of Jeanine Biggs

Photo courtesy of Jeanine Biggs

By Jeanine Biggs
The annual feminist magazine “Lilith” is back on campus, with the 2015 issue gaining the attention of students. The publication’s front and back covers grab one’s attention almost immediately, with a naked female on the front and a naked male and female in an embrace on the back. The provocative covers are effective in grabbing someone’s attention and making them flip through the pages to see what the magazine is really about.

Although the covers are attention grabbing, the articles inside the magazine truly set the tone of the message of the publication. The magazine has a good mix of both female and male writers to balance out the different experiences and viewpoints. Along with the different points of view from the writers, there are an array of different types of articles so most people can find a story or an article they can relate to. The magazine itself is split into seven different sections; family and culture, gender and sexuality, workplace, survivor stories, media and art, sports, and reflections. The split sections make it easy for someone that just wants a quick read to find something they are interested in or can relate to.

“They seek social justice for all people, transgender, lesbian, gay, bi, and cigender. At a time when college campuses are being scrutinized for the issue of sexual assault, the presence of Lilith magazine on campus demonstrates our awareness of the problems of sexual violence in our culture, the normalizing of violence and what we can and are doing to combat it” editor Alice Goode-Elman, said. The articles and writers featured in the publication convey emotion and personal experience that make you think about why these things are happening in our society, and make you reevaluate your own life. In the editor’s and advisor’s notes the impact of the articles submitted by people in the college’s community on their lives and views.

“Reading every submission sent to Lilith has been humbling and eye opening. Everyone at Suffolk has their own story- a fact that is easy to forget when you’re focused on yourself and your studies” assistant editor Cassandra Carl, said in her editor’s note. This statement really describes the tone of the publication, everyone has their own story that they feel should be shared with others that may have gone through similar things in their own lives.

The magazine is distributed on racks throughout campus, and is available to students interested for free. Lilith magazine is a piece of work that really conveys the need for feminism and all its supporters. The well written and placed articles in the publication show just how often woman as well as people in general have to deal with situations where they are demeaned against or disrespected. This magazine should teach the students on campus what is happening in the world around them, and to hopefully change some people’s attitudes and thoughts on the feminist movement.


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