Campus Prepares to Train New Orientation Team

By Jillian Weynand

Photo taken at Quinipet Retreat Center of last summer's orientation team.  Photo Courtesy of Personal Facebook Profile.

Photo taken at Quinipet Retreat Center of last summer’s orientation team. Photo Courtesy of Personal Facebook Profile.

The college is preparing to create a team of orientation leaders for summer orientation. Letters to potential leaders were mailed Monday, March 23.

Students are receiving letters from the college and being recognized for their academic performance and originality, offering them the opportunity to interview for a place as an orientation leader on campus. Applicants who are then offered a position after a successful interview will later attend a three-day, tri-campus, leadership retreat at the Quinipet Retreat Center on Shelter Island.

Frank Vino, a counselor in the office of campus activities, is one of the coordinators for new student orientation, said student interviews will begin the week of April 13.   Students will attend group interviews held by  Vino and a few former orientation leaders who will be on their way to welcoming new students to the college this coming fall. Incoming students will have access to whatever they would like to know as a new student entering the school.

Following interviews students are notified of their selection for the orientation program.  Orientation leaders are awarded a stipend of approximately $500 and training at a retreat center.

The purpose of the retreat is to create a sense of team building and bonding between the orientation leaders that have been selected to be a part of the summer program.

Two months after the retreat the orientation leaders report for a week of extensive training, preparing presentations, learning the ins and outs of the college’s academic and co-curricular programs and the services the college offers from public safety to where to report to for an individualized education plan.

Cassandra Whelan, a former orientation leader from last summer’s program said “Being an orientation leader was an amazing experience and the best time of my life. I gained so much including friends, life lessons and experience in making everyday a great one at Suffolk”

One of the many perks that orientation leaders are exposed to as a result of learning a wealth of information about their college is the plethora of campus activities to get involved in to make the most of their time while attending a commuter school.

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