What You Should Know Before Starting a Club on Campus

By Jeffry Hernandez

From Hogwarts at Suffolk to the Business and Accounting club, the Ammerman campus offers a variety of clubs to choose from, but if you’re interested in forming your own club on campus here is some information you may want to know beforehand.

Frank Vino, an advisor to the Club Board sat down and explained to me the basic four steps in order to become a club.

Step 1: Have an idea/mission – The first step in forming a club is having an idea and/or mission regarding said club. Is your club an academic club or a special interest club? Is your club based more upon group speaking within the club or based on being involved in many activities related to your club?

Step 2: Find a Fulltime Faculty Member to Act as an Advisor – No club on campus can be considered a club without a fulltime faculty member serving as an advisor.  Speak to some of your favorite administrators and professors about your club idea and ask them if they’d be on board as your club advisor – this step might take the longest in forming a club so if possible make sure your advisor has a mutual interest or relevance in your club mission and/or idea.

Step 3: Attending a “How to Start a New Campus Club Workshop” – Once you have your idea and/or mission and fulltime faculty member to act as advisor, stop by the Student Activities Office in the Babylon Student Center and ask a faculty member to book you for a workshop. This is where you will find out all the proper steps and procedures in becoming a club on campus.

Step 4: Attending Interest Group Meetings – This step is perhaps the most crucial step in forming your club. As a prospective club you must arrange three separate interest groups meeting, along with these meeting you should include the date, time and location of the meeting along with a list of names of those who attended the clubs interest group meetings. These meeting should present exposure to your club and most importantly your club’s mission and/or idea.

After the following four steps have been completed, the Club board will review and process your club’s application. A decision usually takes up to about four to five weeks.

Another point to note is every club is required to have a constitution along with elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).

Joining a campus club will not only benefit your chances in going to a four year college but will also benefit you beyond your academic career “Students can develop skills that transfer over beyond academics” said Frank Vino.

Carly Henelein, a student at Nassau Community College echoes Mr. Vino’s message “I joined seven clubs my first semester because it would look awesome on my college applications but I met a lot of really cool people and found out a lot of interesting things as well, I initally was a Public Relations Major then wounded up becoming a Pre-Law Major because of the Law Club”

Regardless of what you intend on doing beyond your academics at the Ammerman campus, join a club, get involved, it’ll sure go beyond the realm of academics and might lead to other doors in life yet to be opened.


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