Girls Lacrosse Team Aims Sights on Postseason

By Jeanine Biggs


With the warm weather coming back and spring just around the corner, lacrosse season is back in full swing. The girl’s lacrosse team is gearing up for the upcoming season, hoping to improve the two year program. With the program still in its infant stage, the hopes and expectations for the

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team are high yet realistic for the position they are in. With the first year in the books, the team performed better than expected at the beginning of the season.

“Being a first year program last year our team did exceptionally well. The team competed at a level that was unexpected. We were fortunate to win some big games and were competitive in all the others” head coach Tom Carro, said. With the program not existing two years ago, any result is a result to build off of and learn from, which is what the team is aiming to do this year. Although the team has gotten off to a slow start with a current 1-2 record, the team and coaches believe they have the skills and drive to go far this season and prove themselves as a competitive team.

“We are looking to get into post season play. I never thought I would say that of a second year program but I think the entire team feels the same way. With the combination of returning players, new freshman and transfers, I truly believe that our team goal to make the national tournament can be achieved” Carro, said.

One problem with the young program is the lack of recognition and attention they get from the student body. Along with the lack of physical promotion around the campuses, the website itself is tough to find anything on the team. For those who are not as savvy and aware of the college’s website, may not know that to find information on not only the girls lacrosse team but all the college’s sports is located on a different website. Although there are links and shortcuts on the college’s main website, the website that houses all the information on this season is; On this website one would have access to information such as; upcoming schedules and games, the current roster, as well as statistics on the team and its players.

“I think most students just expect we have a team but don’t really know. I think posting flyers about when games are will make students more aware” liberal arts major Andrea Fonti, said. With the college being a commuter school, it is sometimes hard for students to pay attention to all the extracurricular activities and sports that are taking place during the school year. Students go to their required classes and then go home, for many students they are not on campus long enough to see the advertisements posted about meetings and events that are being held at the school. For the girl’s lacrosse team, unfortunately there are not papers and flyers throughout campus with their schedule or how they are doing like some of the other sports have. Maybe all the team needs is more exposure to attract the students they sit next to in classes to come and support them while playing a sport they love.

“Last year the fan base of parents, family members, and friends was excellent. We hope this year since more of the student body is aware that we have a woman’s lacrosse team that we get more of the college students at our games. It’s always nice to have a crowd cheering for your players” Carro, said. Some of the games that have bigger turnouts and attendance are those played against conference rival Nassau Community College, which take place visiting Nassau on March 25 and at home on April 15.

Hopefully the girls lacrosse team will live up to the expectations set by themselves and their coaches and make a serious run into the postseason, with their families and classmates cheering them on from the sidelines.

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