History Club Celebrates Women’s History Month

By Raymond Staten

The Ammerman Campus History Club is presenting a series of displays on Women’s History month in the lobby of the Babylon Student Center this month celebrating March being Women’s History Month.

These displays give students who otherwise might not happeningencounter them a chance to see this information in passing by on their way to class.

While it may sound appealing to history majors, this club actually offers activities even those with only a casual interest in history. Members help plan many campus wide events and trips that you can take part in without being a member of the club.

The History Club meets every Wednesday from 11:00am – 12:15pm in room 227 of the Southampton Building. The club is led by President Julie Quinn and faculty advisers Christina Bosco and Neil Buffett. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend the clubs meetings.

The main function of the club is to increase students understanding of past events and use this to help them better understand current day events and society. The club members highlight how past events influence the present. They do this through planning and sponsoring trips to historic locations off campus, showing films, and inviting speakers to campus to discuss historic events.

Recent trips have included visiting The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the African American Museum, and a trip to a Native American Powwow. These trips not only help students understand history, but also gain an appreciation for other cultures.

Students who attend the club say they really enjoy the experience. “it’s a great opportunity to share my love of history with other students,” said Mike Adams, a history major here at the college. “not only is the club fun but it will look great on my transcript,” Adams went on to say.

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