Snowstorm Juno: How It Was Handled Outside of Suffolk County

By Jeffry Hernandez

With Snowstorm Juno being more like a regular snow day in the mist of winter rather than a “Historic Blizzard” that many predicted, precautions were rather diverse along the Atlantic.

The residents of Suffolk County, NY are no strangers to inclement weather. Snowstorm Nemo in 2013 had snowfall reaching over a foot of snow at 14 inches according to, and with the average temperatures being in the thirties from December to February, according to, snowstorms and blizzards seem to be a daily occurrence once winter rolls around.

Being that Suffolk County has become accustomed to the grueling weather conditions, precautions are handled differently than in other parts of the country.

Officer Staples of the Stafford County Police Department in Stafford, Virginia tells me how they handle winter and its treacherous conditions.

Me: In the event of possible treacherous wintry conditions being reported, what are the primary steps you guys take in order to maintain a level of safety?

Officer Staples: We make sure we have all of our equipment ready, depending on the level of severity, we make sure everything is prepared before hand

Me: What are the levels?juno

Officer Staples: There are five levels. Five being the highest – that would be snowfall twelve inches or higher for example

Me:  Do you guys handle everything in real time or by predication?

Officer Staples: We handle the weather in real     time; we have a good relationship with VDOT (Virginia Department of Motor Transportation) so if the weather gets bad we work with them on how to handle weather situations

Me: In Suffolk County, New York opposed to in Stafford, Virginia, there are more options as far routes, such as highways and main roads, at times a good thing and a bad thing but would you say since there is a minimal amount of major traffic routes, does it affect precautions taken when it comes to winter conditions?

Officer Staples: Absolutely, being that there are only two major highways along Stafford being Route 1 and I95 that plays a huge part in how we go about public safety.

Although traffic plays a huge role in Stafford County opposed to as in Suffolk County precautions and safety are generally handled the same in both counties.

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