Campus Needs Ice Rink

By Jeffrey Lerman


Photo courtesy of Google Images

The winter season is here and with it comes all the cold weather that students have to deal with. But what if the cold weather did not have to be a struggle to get through and instead could be something positive? What if say, you could ice skate at college, on campus, how awesome would that be? There are several reasons why the administration here should consider building an ice rink on campus.

The idea of having an ice rink on campus sounds like one of the stupidest ideas at first. What could possibly make an ice rink make sense to invest in? There are two main reasons why this could be a beneficial move. The ice rink can be both an area for our hockey team and others to compete as well as a business when they’re not using the ice. Currently the hockey team here does not get the attention that it should as a sports team; to the point that some don’t even know it exists.

An Ice Rink is a Community

If we were to have an ice rink it would immediately provide a venue for the hockey team to practice and potentially compete against other colleges. This works as a way of both advertising as a college and bringing in money to the college. The students that come to games from other colleges and the general public that comes may be convinced to come here.

“If the ice rink was free or reasonably priced then I would probably go. It’s somewhere I could bring dates, so yeah I would,” said Peter Manzano, a former student, currently attending Farmingdale State College.

A major part of bringing colleges together here is a sense of community. When you have that many people cheering on a hockey team, you bond together. The players then get the recognition that they should, further improving the sport altogether. You then have a hockey community and place for people to go, as opposed to going home right away. This provides another reason for students to enjoy their time spent on campus instead of instantly booking it out of their as most do. Through having more people on campus and promoting a community, the administration is investing in their future. The dream that they promote in being one of the best community colleges.

An Ice Rink is a Business

This segues into my next point on how an ice rink can be a business outside of sports and building a community. The ice rink itself can be a business where students and even the public can pay a fee to ice skate on. Students can get a discount on their admission leaning toward another reason for people to register as a student. The college can slowly build up rental skates even if they are not top notch skates, it’s something for others to use. These can be sold in addition to admission similar to other ice rinks. The employees would consist of students offering another opportunity for students to have a job and fund their education.

Part of the problem lies with the location it would be in and of course, the money that would go into building it. Thinking in the short-term it’s not a business move worth pursuing. But, when you think long-term, it can turn into a profitable business that profits in more ways than one. While bringing in money from the ice rink itself as well as money through students. Advertising and team sponsorships are another topic that we haven’t covered yet that can bring in revenue.

“The only thing you really need to run an ice rink successfully (though not necessarily profitably) is lot’s of money. That money can come from wealthy investors, non-profit organizations or taxpayers. Only rarely does it come from actual profits generated by operation of the rink,” said Tom Reges, an ice rink owner.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you market it. An ice rink may sound ridiculous while it can also be a great selling point. But hey, that’s just my two cents, what’s yours?

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