Woman’s Basketball Team Keeps Eyes on Prize

The Women’s Basketball Team Run to the Championship

By Rene Canales

A 14-5 record throughout the regular season, with two wins against their rivals at the end of the season has the woman basketball team rolling.

Center Larissa Ellermann and Guard Cindy Edwards as well as their other teammates have led the woman’s basketball team to a 14-5 record to end the regular season. The fourteen wins include back-to-back wins against their rivals Nassau Community College. Their last game of the regular season was a loss to Sullivan Community College 62-60.

“Sullivan is our most challenging game throughout the season, it is a way for us to step up,” said Edwards, Guard for the woman’s team when asked what their most challenging game of the season.

With the playoffs about to begin, one must question how close a team really gets throughout the season. When asked about how close the team gets during the season, Ellermann said “The deeper in the season we are, the closer we get.”

That bodes well for the basketball team and that could also mean trouble for the opponents in the playoffs. Cindy Edwards gave a slightly different reason for what she believes makes the team closer during the season. “We get close when we’re on the road, a lot of trust develops,” said Edwards.

Once a run to the championship begins not many teams need motivation to play well.  “Keeping our eyes on the prize,” said Edwards. An eye on the prize is the only motivation this basketball team needs. But in order for that to happen the team needs to stick together and make sure that they always have each other’s back no matter what.

What makes a lasting impression? What has to happen in order for that last impression to occur? What needs to be done? Well, whatever it is that needs to happen, a lasting impression is definitely something these girls are trying to leave during this run to the championship. Guard Cindy Edwards says just that, “Have got to come out strong from the gate.” Center Larissa Ellermann also said the same thing by stating, “We have the opportunity and we are going to take it.”

During the season the woman’s basketball coach earned his 400th career win. “Great feeling and great pride in helping him achieve that milestone,” said Edwards. 400 wins is an outstanding achievement, does not matter what division they came in. “Happy to be a part of it, he has been a great coach,” said Ellermann.

If it was not for coach Foley, the girls’ basketball team would be completely different then what they are now. The coach will eventually have to call it quits on a very successful career. When asked of how they would feel if their coach was to just retire before the start of the playoffs, the two players reacted. “I would be pissed, it would be a different feeling,” said Ellermann. “It happened to me before in high school, I quit after that,” said Edwards. Pretty strong words but that shows how important Coach Foley really is and how much he means to this team, especially to Edwards and Ellermann.

The run to the NJCAA championship will officially begin for the women’s basketball team on Feb. 27.

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