Personality Tests Can Lead You to Your Career


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By Ryan Wooley

A lot of students have trouble understanding themselves. They are not sure who they are as a person – making it difficult to determine what major might be most suitable for them. Finding out what makes you tick and think as a person is something that can help when it comes to deciding what to major in and pursue as a career.

There are tests that can be used to identify personal qualities like leadership, energy, and attitude. This information can be a factor in helping someone see what major they are best suited for in school. There are also tests for those who want to explore possibilities in the military. The military offers an abundance of educational and career opportunities. The Advanced Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test measures your arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, and mathematics knowledge. After taking this test, the military determines what fields you are qualified for. These tests can provide real benefits for any student. The Myers Briggs test goes into depth determining things like if you are a visual learner, or do you excel at reading comprehension. It also determines if the individual is an introvert or an extrovert.

Taking these types of personality tests will allow you to learn more about yourself, potentially guiding you in the right direction by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. This information is vital when trying to determine what areas you should pursue in your education. These types of exams are beneficial for any student but are even more valuable for the types of students who attend Suffolk. Many of the students at the college are not quite sure what it is they want to do and how far they want to take their education. Tests like the ASVAB and the Myers Briggs help students to answer some of these questions.

“I thought it was insightful and I think some companies or workplaces should look into using the Myers Briggs Test as a type of questioning when they are interviewing potential employee’s,” said Christian Holmes.

While these tests are extremely valuable, it is important to understand that they cannot provide all the answers. No test can be perfect – giving the test taker answers which are 100 percent true. They are just a tool people can use to steer themselves in a certain direction or shed some light on some of their key personality traits. Just by reading about or watching videos on these exams, you can tell what applies to you and what does not. So, whether you are someone who wants to take the military route or go down the traditional path with your education, there are tools that can help you find the answer.

“My experience taking the Myers Briggs test I felt was mostly correct, but I wouldn’t necessarily agree with everything that was given as feedback, the questions they ask are in depth one’s but a test cannot understand me completely from just one sitting,” said Colin Donahue.

There are some students who know what their passion is and what they want to do in life, however this is a small percentage of the student population. Most new college students could use some sort of springboard or guidance on how to proceed with their education. This is not to say these tests and their results will provide 100 percent of the answers, but they can be a valuable tool that can help shape a student’s decision-making process. Perhaps in the future there should also be more resources for students such as guidance counselors who specialize in certain areas of education. A larger number of introductory courses for each major would also help students to decide if a major is a good fit for them.

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