Winter Storm Juno Has Minimal Effects in New York City

By Matt Ferremi

Over 20 inches of snow that fell in areas on Long Island as Winter Storm Juno hit the Tri-State area. But in Manhattan, Juno did not have much of an impact.

The initial forecasts for Winter Storm Juno that the so called weather experts came out with insisted that Long Island and New York City were expected to get 18-24 inches of snow. While some areas in Long Island such as Islip got about 22 inches, the same cannot be said for New York City. It has been reported that Glendale, Queens got the most snow in the New York City area with about a foot of snow. But other areas in New York City got just 6 inches of snow and while other places on Long Island got over 20 inches.

The people that commute to Manhattan for work were also in a tough spot, as some who went into work Monday morning had to stay overnight and could not get home until Tuesday night.

Many people (including myself) have to be wondering how Massapequa got 24 inches of snow, while 37 miles West of Massapequa, Central Park only got 9.8 inches. In a article published on written by Nick Wiltgen titled Winter Storm Juno: Did We Get It Wrong? Wiltgen states in the article “Forecasters recognize that if the edge of the heaviest snow shifts by 20 or 30 miles that it can mean a huge difference in the resulting accumulation for people near that edge.” If this quote is true, then why did meteorologists not change the forecast for New York City as the heaviest amount of snow was 20-30 miles of New York City in Nassau County?

I believe that sometimes the meteorologists of certain channels such as the Weather Channel like to hype up a winter storm in a big city such as New York to get big ratings. Every time you turn on the Weather Channel when a winter storm is in the forecast, they act like the apocalypse is coming. It could be a few inches in the forecast but they make it sound like 3 feet of snow are coming and tell you to load up on food and drinks meaning you have to deal with crazy people and empty shelves at your local supermarket. I work in a supermarket so I saw all of this firsthand. I ask nicely for the Weather Channel to stop naming winter storms and hyping it up like the apocalypse is coming. And most importantly, be more accurate with your forecasts.

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